Friday, August 29, 2014

Ivy Starts Preschool

I really went back and forth about enrolling Ivy in preschool this year. But once we were able to get pregnant we decided to just do it! She loved playschool last year and this will make the transition to VPK easier. Anyhow, she repeatedly told me that she didn't want to go to school (that didn't make it easier, either) but I knew she'd like it once she went. Her first day was Monday, the 25th and when I picked her up she excitedly exclaimed, "Mommy!!! I liked it!!" What a relief! She was surprisingly very good at drop off, too. I expected a few tears but she just asked for one more kiss and hug and sent me on my way. I love my little mama's girl. When she woke the next morning and found out she wasn't going to school like Jackson, she threw a little bit of a tantrum! I'll take that as a good sign!  

This sweet picture was the previous week on our way to the school's open house and meet the teacher. 
Looking so grown up!
She found a friend!! 
And here she is... First day of school! Full of sass! 
Walking to class with her poster.  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Loose Tooth

As if starting kindergarten wasn't enough... this kid had to go and lose his first tooth!! He told me on Friday he thought he had a loose tooth so I gave it a wiggle and sure enough! it was loose. I didn't think at that point it would all progress so quickly! When he got home from school that day, it was a little looser. Over the course of the day Saturday it loosened up quite a bit and by Sunday morning it was pretty much hanging on by a thread. It was really bothering him so I shared the old "pull with a paper towel" trick and voila! Out it came!! He was thrilled with his visit from the tooth fairy and I was relieved the tooth came out before he went back to school Monday. My boy is growing up!

Goodbye Summer

Jackson's school had a staggered start for kindergartner's which means that half go on Monday, the other half on Tuesday and then everyone is together on Wednesday. Because he started Monday, we had Tuesday off! One last day of summer. We spent it at our favorite summer spot... Grandma and Godad's pool. It was a perfect pool day and end to a fabulous summer. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Jackson starts Kindergarten

This adorable kiddo started Kindergarten on the 18th. I can hardly believe he's old enough to be in school!
First day was easy breezy for him! But after I dropped him off I just couldn't bring myself to leave so I asked his teacher if I could help sort the school supplies in the hallway. I loved peeking in on my boy for the first 10 minutes of class but eventually... I had to go. Might have been the longest day ever for me and I couldn't wait to pick him up. He happily exclaimed, "Mom! I love school!" when he got in the car and told me all about his day. He made a new friend, Colton, and liked playing with the legos and dinosaurs. They read "The Kissing Hand" in class and he really likes Mrs. Moschouris. He didn't like recess, though, because it was too long and too hot. Overall, he gave it 2 thumbs up and I was a happy momma! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The rest of our summer...

We started our summer with a fantastic visit from the Anderson's. We spent an amazing couple weeks in California with the Fernley clan. And when we got home we were blessed for the rest of July and August to have visit's from the Wards, the Hydes and the Jacob Munns families. 
Talk about super-ultra-busy-crazy-cousinfest!! It just made the rest of our summer fly by! But I don't think I would have rather done anything else! Clean my house or go to the beach?  Beach please!! Our new family motto? "Everyday a pool day!!" Wild Florida? Okay!! Rock Springs? We're there!! Late-overs, sleep-overs, kubota rides, dinners, fishing, canoeing. It really was so wonderful. Throw in some girls nights and a few nice group date nights and you've got yourself the perfect summer. I really feel like we had as much fun as we could and I'm so glad we did!!

Friday, August 22, 2014


The weekend we returned from California we took off to Crystal River and took advantage of Daniel having to chaperon Girl's Camp. The day he took the girls on the boat we swam in the pool and the day the girls left we spent out on the water scalloping. It was So. Much. Fun!!! Our kids are scallopers!! Jackson was amazing diving down for scallops and starfish... and Ivy just rode along on one of our backs, happily putting our scallops in our bag and encouraging us with "Good job mommy!!" or "Thank you mommy!!" We even had comments from nearby scallopers that they enjoyed her singing and commentary. Wish we could have gone one more time this summer because next summer we'll have a 6 month old baby crashing the boat!