Friday, January 31, 2014

Fernley Trip to California!!

This post is WAY overdue! My family has been gone for over 3 weeks now and I'm finally posting about their trip. It was so much fun to have them here! We went through some serious withdrawals over here when everyone left! I took a good amount of pictures but didn't get everything! I'll do a day-to-day recap of our adventures. 

Everyone flew in Saturday night. They stayed at my in-laws house which were perfect accommodations for everyone. Sunday we went to church in the afternoon and then had dinner over at my moms.

Monday we decided to stay around April and Ranier's and do some fishing on the pond and ride around the property on the Kubota. I think the kids would vote that this was their favorite day. Everyone caught fish (Hannah caught a butterfly!) and enjoyed rounding up all the baby hogs that were outside of their pen. We pet the zebra and played in the goat pen for awhile... it really was a fun day!
 That night we went to Downtown Disney. It was fun but really really crowded. The only picture I snapped were the two boys looking for bones in the dinosaur dig at the T-Rex Restaurant.
 The next day we went to Wild Florida!! This was tons of fun!! We walked all around the wildlife park, fed the alligators (held the alligators) and really enjoyed the new lemur exhibit... Dara's been trying to figure out how to get a lemur for a pet ever since!  

 We ate at the Catfish Place that night... World famous! We dined on some delicious fried food and gave some alligator and turtle a try, too. It was New Year's Eve that night so we came back to April and Ranier's and rang in the New Year with a large Munns crowd and a pretty decent fireworks show. Sam and Jeff did quite the entertaining with some fancy fake stair performances that made me laugh so hard my sides hurt. It was pretty fun!

The next day we went to Gatorland! The bird aviary where you can feed the birds from a stick was a HUGE hit with the kids and Hannah! We went to the petting zoo to feed the goats, we rode the train around the park, saw the really cool panther and watched the gator Jump-a-Roo show.
 The next day we went to Fun Spot! Fun Spot is a small sized amusement park in Orlando... they have a couple roller coasters but most of the rides are fair-like. I didn't take very many pictures... just a few here on the bumper cars but it was also a really fun day! We ended up getting rained on which was a bummer... we probably could have stayed all night because it wasn't very busy... but we enjoyed the time we had. Jake and Jeff even rode the sky coaster which was really scary! Nate, Sam and Hallee were all hooked up to try it as well when the weather didn't comply. That night we hit up Sam's favorite place to eat... Buffet City! 
 The next day the group went to Disney Word's Animal Kingdom. We opted out but enjoyed everyone's company at our house that night for a delicious steak and gator dinner! Pictures are courtesy Sam's text messages. 
The next morning we had some family pictures taken (those will be on another post) and then we headed off to the airport to send everyone off! The week absolutely flew by!!! But we were in for a real surprise...

Nate and Dara's flight was cancelled!! Due to bad weather up north they had to cancel their flight because their pilot was stuck in New York. The earliest they could get them on a flight out was 5 days later... on Thursday and there was just nothing else to be done about it! So we got to enjoy them for another 5 days!! Whoo hoo!! We were thrilled (Nate - not so much!)

The next few days we spent doing more fishing, going back to Wild Florida and we even took a little trip to the Serpentarium (Reptile World) where we got to see a pretty cool Venom Show and hold a snake! I hope they had as much fun as we did and I really hope they come back soon to see us!!!