Wednesday, July 31, 2013


We spent a couple days in Jupiter last weekend. I love a good little getaway and this was no exception. We enjoyed swimming at the pool mostly, but also spent a few good hours fishing on the boat! And this is the only place we took any pictures also! The kids loved the boat and we caught a few nice fish. It was a dreamy weekend... always hard to come back to reality.  

Daddy Daughter Date

Daniel is often whisking Jackson off somewhere with him. He is older, potty trained, easy to take along and a good traveler and companion. Ivy is getting there but isn't quite as easy as Jackson. But Daniel was feeling bad that he doesn't have as much 1 on 1 time with her so one night last week he had a daddy daughter date night with Ivy and her bestie Sophia. He knew she would be so excited to have her cuzzie along... and she was. They did some shopping at Beall's Outlet, came home with some nice matching nightgowns and capped the night off with some DQ ice cream cones. I was sure to get a play by play with pictures throughout the night which I loved. Here they are... cutie pies.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The 4th of July

We started the 4th off right with a neighborhood bike rally. I literally scrounged up some balloons and cans from around the house minutes before we headed out so we looked semi festive. Landed Jackson a 4th place trophy for best decorated bike! Neither of them made it more than 50 feet but they really enjoyed the crowd and the chips and cookies!
 We hit up the pool after our bike rally and Jackson caught this cool little skink!
Kara and I couldn't resist taking a pic of our "red, white and blue" suits!
 Afternoon naps with my babes. 
 We dressed in our 4th of July best for dinner out with Grandma and Godad that night. 
 On our way home, we watched the amazing fireworks show at the St. Cloud Lakefront. 
 We continued the celebration the next day with a fireworks show at Grandma and Godad's with all the cousins. The sparklers were a hit!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ivy Ivy Ivy

This girl brings a smile to my face every day. Every single day. And she equally drives me totally insane... just about every day. :) She is adorable. So cute. Says the cutest things, makes the cutest faces. Has the sassiest little walk and the most adoring way about her. She really is adored by all. But she is stinking mischievous! If she's quiet, she is doing something she isn't supposed to be doing. And she knows it. Putting on my make-up, painting her own nails, writing on the floors, walls and cabinets with permanent marker, taking off her diaper, peeing on the floor, putting endless amounts of toilet paper in the toilet, getting into my eyelash stuff... really anything she isn't supposed to do - she loves to do. And then she gives me this face (see below) and thinks I'll adoringly ignore her. Her immediate and so darling sounding "sorry mom!" when I put her in timeout almost makes me want to dismiss her from it on the spot. I have no clue how to parent her but I sure do love her to death!
Ivy's favorite person is her cousin Sophia. Daily she demands to see Sophia, to play at her house, to swim with her at the pool, to see her at grandma's. And she often gets to. But not every day. And usually, when I say "no, honey, not today" a full fledged tantrum will follow. Seriously girl? 
 Breakfast on the go!!
 Oh this sweet, kissable face!! Those lips!
 Dad's shorts, mom's shoes, ready to shop!
Lots of moves for my lip glossed up girl.