Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Have I Been Up To?

Making these beauties...

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Monday, June 21, 2010

California Family

I only caught a few snap shots of Jack with my family. Here he is with my mom.
Hanging with Grandpa

With GG and cousin Gwen.
Uncle Sam!


Jack and I just spent an amazing 12 days in California (and 1 in Georgia - more on that later!)
It was so nice having a nice long visit with my family, being able to see everyone I wanted with time to relax inbetween. The weather was perfect and Jack was a trooper as always.
I wish I had taken more pictures - I only documented a few of our events (featured below).
We miss our California family already!
Jack did pretty well on the plane. On our way out, it was a little rough, not because he was cranky but because he didn't want to go to sleep! Luckily he slept on the way home and was a dream in the airport while I frantically (and hysterically) tried to figure out what to do when they cancelled our connecting flight in Atlanta.

El Dorado Park and their duck pond. He loved chasing the ducks and eating their bread. He made friends with one in particular.

We went to a super fun children's museum with my cousin Jill and her two girls in Irvine called Pretend city. It was a little city just for kids and Jack ran around crazy everywhere - it was awesome! His favorite part of the city was the marina.
My only complaint - I think that's where he picked up the hand/foot/mouth virus. Yucky.

What is a trip to California without a lizard hunt?
We went lizard hunting with Jake, Hallee and Grandpa and Jack Jack didn't miss a beat! He kept up with the group of us and even wanted to take his turn pushing Hallee.

We spent our first weekend in Escondido visiting my Aunt Sue and Uncle Dee and cousins Rachel, Wes and Molly and Rachel's kids and my Grandma Gerry. It was really nice seeing them because we don't always get a chance to when we come down.
We spent the rest of our time at my dad's, my moms and over at my brother Nate's. We saw my cousin Jill a couple times (enjoyed some Cafe Rio!) and was able to visit my grandparents as well. My Aunt Sandee had a big barbeque for us over at her house and it was just a fun family filled visit which couldn't have been better. Actually, 1 thing would have made it better - if Daniel could have been with us. He is busy busy with a new business venture... more on that later.