Friday, August 31, 2012

The Last Day of the Month!

I thought I'd throw one last post on here for the month of August! I feel like once September hits the summer is really over. We spent the day at the pool and I was sad thinking this could be the beginning of the end of our pool days :( However, I welcome the cooler weather (whenever it is wanting to make its appearance!) because that will open up a slew of fun outdoor activities for us, including more tolerable days at Disney (we did renew our passes... couldn't resist.) 
School is plugging along for Jack. He still really likes it even if he protests going every morning. I've been keeping busy with eyelash appointments and Daniel is relieve the Wild Florida Animal Park grand opening is over! (More on that in the future!) Here are a few pictures of my favorite kids.

Quite possibly the cutest picture ever taken in the history of the world.
 At Ivy's 15 month well baby check up. She is doing great, our amazon woman is off the charts for height and the doc gave us some miracle ointment for her baby eczema. Happy day.
 On a walk with Uncle Sam. He baby sits for us all of the time. The kids love him and we are so lucky to have him living so close. 
 Funny faces waiting in line for the roller coaster at Disney. 
 The happiest kid alive with his cousins at the Wild Florida grand opening. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The First Day of School

Jack Jack has started school!! He is attending First United Methodist 2 days a week. His first day was yesterday and it went very well! We went to an open house the day before so he was familiar with his classroom, his "cubby" and his teacher. When I dropped him off he was a little clingy at first but once he sat down at his table and started playing with the toys, I knew he was going to be just fine... and he was!
I was so excited to pick him up and hear all about it.
The first thing he said was - "Do you have my juice mom? I'm so thirsty!" And his sippy cup was in his backpack untouched. At least he didn't have to pee while he was there!
His favorite part was playing on the playground - he liked the house and the wheel.
He spilled his chips at snack time "All over everywhere!!" But he assured me that his teacher didn't get mad at him and was very nice and had a big scoop that she picked it up with and in the scoop was a marshmallow! He thought that was really funny!
He told me about a picture he colored - of himself in the pool (it is very cute). And that was about it!! 
I'm so proud of my big school boy. 

Hog Hunting

Didn't want to pass by these little gems of my hunter boys. Jackson was so excited to go hunting and to wear his hunting clothes and his boots just like dads (even though they are several sizes too big). 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A photo collection

Little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Enjoying free slurpees on 07/11. We almost made it home before Ivy dumped hers in her lap.
 This boy swam like a mad man after this frog in the pool. To my surprise - he caught it!
 A special little date night with my boy to Dairy Queen while Daniel and Ivy hit the hay early.
 We've hit up the St. Cloud splash pad a couple times - think I prefer Grandma & Godad's.
We opted for the lakefront over the trek to the beach one day. Fun, but not as fun.
Trying to catch the armadillo. This time, no luck.
 My girl had started giving the cheesy smile face. I love it. 
 We got to accompany dad on a night ride one night - and it was a perfect little evening. 
 My morning before church cuddle bugs. Church at 9:00 is the pits. 
 Jack Jack and Porter. These two are quite the pair (of troublemakers that is).
 What happens when we skips naps around here... we pass out on the couch around 5:30.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Brevard Zoo

I have been wanting to take the kids to the zoo for a long time now. When they had their $3.00 admission day I thought the time had come. We joined Aunt Christine, Makayla and Mason and we had a great time!

Our three little turtles below (at 2 months, Mason was a little small for the pic)
This is my favorite picture of them all and was my favorite part of the day. The giraffes!! They are such magnificent animals, especially in person. And this one was very friendly with Jack Jack. Even gave him a lick or two I think.
Nice little snake encounter. And Ivy was a trouper in the stroller most of the day.

Checking out the eggs in the bird aviary.
 A kookaburra is on the left, not sure what the one on the right is. 

Of course Jack was a fan of the deer. This one ate right out of his hand.
 There could have been any number of animals in here, fox, sloth, monkey, wolf, birds... we saw them all!
 The petting zoo... the reptile exhibits.

We cooled off in the kids discovery zone and they enjoyed digging for various animal paraphernalia. 
 Enjoying some sea life.
They had a pretty nice splash pad area so we will remember to bring our suits next time!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Scout Camp... Boo.

Daniel is scoutmaster in our ward and therefore was lucky enough to go to scout camp! Yipee!! 
He didn't go the entire week, luckily, but the 4 days he was gone were looooong ones. 
On Tuesday evening both kids were up from their naps before 3:00 pm. What the heck was I going to do for the next 6 hours before bedtime!!?? We headed over to Grandma and Godad's. I figured we could ride the Kubota, jump on the trampoline and swim - that would eat up plenty of time. Nope. Kubota wouldn't start. Next, rain. Shucks. So we drove into town to pick up dinner and then upon returning home proceeded to play with every single toy that Jack Jack owns. We made it eventually (to bedtime that is). 
Well, I decided I was NOT doing that again. The next evening when the kids woke up from naps, we piled in the car and headed to Downtown Disney where we had a good old time at the Lego store and eating at 
T Rex (the most amazing dinosaur restaurant ever). We were seated in the "ice cave" near the woolly mammoths. This place was very cool and very fun. Lots of cool dinos to look at and even a little dino dig area. We will be going back. 

 We are blue from the lights in the ice cave. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Melbourne Beach

We took advantage of a generous invitation by the Quigley's to stay at their house while they were in Utah and we had such a good time (thank you!!). We just stayed one night but took full advantage of the pool and the close proximity to the beach. We swam, went to the beach, swam again, napped, and then swam some more! Makes me want our own pool! 

You can see Ivy's excitement on the drive out all the way to her tonsils!!
 Of course we fished off the dock - it was pretty much the only time I had the camera. 

 This kid is a fish.