Monday, January 14, 2013

The Catfish Catch!

Before all the boy cousins left after the reunion we had to have a sleepover! The fun activity for the night was checking the poles for catfish and boy did they get a whopper!!


Happy Birthday to ME!!

For my birthday this year we went to Arabian Nights, the dinner show in Kissimmee. We had free tickets so we thought we'd check it out. I had a super fun time with my boys (we left Ivy at home because it was late) and enjoyed their company thoroughly but the show was mediocre at best. Glad we did it but also glad we didn't pay for it!! I was spoiled the entire day by my family and showered all day long with phone calls, texts, and kind words from friends and family. Nothing better than feeling so loved to celebrate 34 years of life!! I couldn't be happier!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I Can Do Hard Things - Munns Family Reunion December 2012

We were so lucky to enjoy a Munns family reunion just after Christmas. There was a total of 63 people present - all of Daniel's immediate family - 22 adults and 41 children. Yikes! It was a total blast!! Our theme was "I Can Do Hard Things" and we tried to focus on how we can live in the world but not be of the world. That we can make hard decisions to be good, honest people and always choose the right. 
There were many scheduled activities and lots of unscheduled time to play and visit... Here is a run down of activities we enjoyed...

A day at Wild Florida, of course! 
Some very late nights and a handful of sleepovers here and there.
My twinner boys sporting their reunion t-shirts.
Lots of pictures!! Plenty of all the grandkids, just the girls, just the boys, just the brothers, just the sisters, all the couples, etc... 


Our cutest little Ives with her cousin Soph being so reverent during one of our devotionals. 
(Lasted about 30 seconds) And Jackson attached to Jett's hip.
The bounce house and the bouncy slide were a huge hit! If ever Ivy would go missing, you'd find her in the bounce house or on the slide. When I asked Jack what his favorite part of the reunion was, he said it was the slide. Daniel enjoyed it too. 
We were in charge of the family Olympics which included a 30 second walk, races for the little ones, piglet catching and a pie (donut) eating contest. Other activities throughout the day were a fishing contest, skeet shooting, volleyball and polar swimming (

Sunday evening we had a little get together with Daniel's dad's side of the family and here is a picture of all of the cousins that were there. 
New Year's Eve was a real treat with some fancy face painting!

Here, a canoe trip turn into a swim in the lake. And the little girls dressed up for a fancy photo shoot.
This boy was in heaven with so much cousin time.
Of course we had a few girls nights out!!

The New Year Eve fireworks show was a real delight!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Merry Christmas Day!

We have been in the throws of a massive Munns family reunion and I feel like we have been out of town even though we've really been right down the street! Things are settling down a bit and before it got too late I wanted to post some pictures from our wonderful little Christmas day. Santa surely did visit our house this year and we were blessed with a plenty!! The kids were so happy and we had such a nice little morning together.