Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mom... This Buster's for you!

Shockingly- My mom is taking one of our puppies! I promised her weeks ago I'd post some pictures of Buster and low and behold, I have done nothing of the sort. So here they are now... the pictures are old, too. He's much bigger now and very smart... he has only had a couple accidents in the house, he gets along with all of our dogs - even Cocoa - and we will be sad to see him go. I must admit, I'm a little attached. Sorry the picture quality is poor... I should have had my flash on. But he's pretty darn cute!

All Gone!! (sniff, sniff...)

All of our puppies are gone!! We have one left at our house but he is spoken for. It was such a fun experience having puppies! And I cried when they left! Here are some of my favorites to remember them by!

One at a Time...

Clearly you can see I'm WAY behind in my posts. I've had good intentions and actually LOTS of pictures waiting to be posted and I just can't find the time to do it. Well today is the day. I can't promise much but here's one!

I'm 29... been driving for 13 years and just a few weeks ago had my very first accident. I wasn't hurt and it wasn't my fault, but I still feel like my perfect record is tainted. Here is the culprit:

(yes, I was hit by a school bus!)
And here is the damage:
I was minding my own business coming home from work on a Friday when the school bus makes a right hand turn onto the same street I'm driving on in the opposite direction but pulls out into my lane as she's doing it and nails me! The nerve!! It could've been far worse so I am grateful it was minor... but what a pain!!