Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ivy Meets Disney World

A day at Disney can really wear a girl out.

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Monday, August 15, 2011


Monday's always seem to be damage control. I don't know what it is about the weekend but when Monday rolls around the house is a disaster, the kitchen is full of dishes and the counters are piled high with stuff. Laundry is overflowing and our rooms are a mess. So this morning I've been busy putting things back in order. Laundry is done, the house is picked up, the kitchen is clean, you can see our counters, our rooms are tidy and we are ready for the day (it's 4:00). We will hit the pool this afternoon but I just wanted to post a few photos I took today. Although we have been busy with housework, we found some time to catch a snake in the backyard. And my cutest baby just goes with the flow. She is getting so big!!


She really really loves her baths!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our Little Swimmer!

Thursday is our last swim lesson of the summer. I am amazed at what Miss Patty has accomplished with this guy. He is a full-fledged swimmer!! And he has finally mastered the float which means he has full range of the pool. He can swim from one side to the other. It is so fun to watch him swim and he absolutely loves it! Here are some shots of him in action!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jeff and Dad''s Fantastic Visit!!

We just enjoyed a wonderful 5 days with my dad and brother! It went by WAY too fast! It was fun filled (as you'll see below) and I just can't wait for them to come back!
We spent some time at Wild Florida and Daniel took the boys out on an airboat ride.

My dad suggested trying out a slip 'n slide with Jack. It took him a little while to warm up to the idea but with some coaxing and tricky moves by Uncle Jeff we got him on it and he kind of enjoyed it :) Obviously my dad and brother were having a good time!

A little backyard bow shooting took place.

Swimming, of course. My dad going down the slide!

The Beach!!

I could have NEVER done it on my own! Ivy was a dream baby for her first beach trip and Jackson had a blast, of course.

We played cards, games and just really enjoyed each other's company. Wish we were kicking booty in sequence or rummy right now but I guess blogging about our visit will just have to do.

Love you and miss you both so much already.