Monday, May 16, 2016

What Else is Going on Over Here...

I enjoyed a nice visit with my 2nd cousin, Amber. We used to see each other every other year at our Floyd Family Reunions at Kings River and in between we'd write each other like pen pals. It's been years since I've seen her last and here they were, vacationing in Orlando! It was fun to catch up and meet her adorable little family.
Our swimming days are back and you know, just a couple of mermaids hanging at the pool.
 Our sweet neighbors were out of town for a couple weeks and have let us swim in their pool at our leisure. It's been real nice family fun!
 My babies!!!
 Just trapping squirrels around here!
Saturday's usually mean doing work with dad and Porter and a sizzlie stop at Wawa.
 A little bit of hunting, a little bit of fishing. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday Ivy!!

This sweet little girl turned 5 on Tuesday and we celebrated all week!! She woke up ready for her breakfast in bed and presents!! I tried to spoil her all day. Brought donuts to her class. Had Sophie over to play. Went swimming. Then out to her restaurant of choice... Chili's. Came back home to more presents and a Taylor Swift dance party. It was a fun, fun day. But the fun doesn't stop there...

Of course we went to Disney!! Best way to spend a Friday night! And it did not disappoint! 
 And the following night, Saturday, we had a little party! (back to back probably wasn't the best idea. Live and learn.) She wanted only girls. We ate, we danced, we played, we sang. It was a great way to celebrate my little gal. Happiest Birthday Ivy!!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

My most special Mother's day

A year ago today I had just flown back to Florida from my extended stay in California because Boo was in the hospital after have multiple seizures. I enjoyed my Mother's Day events with my babies just a little bit more this year because I had to miss them last year. As I reflect, I have so much to be grateful for. Boo received excellent care in the hospital that week, and I did too! I am so thankful that Boo has been seizure free for an entire year now! I am so grateful I am a mother and have the opportunity to stay at home to raise them up. It's a hard job but the easy days outnumber the hard and the happy days outnumber the sad.   

My little Spa Technician really spoiled me. I enjoyed a nice massage (including far too many applications of lotion), got my make-up done, my hair done and my nails done! She showered me with adorable homemade presents (the best) and we went to lunch after. 

This kid put on an excellent Mother's Day program, complete with singing songs and reciting poems. We watched a super cute slideshow and enjoyed a delicious brunch! He is the best!

This little rascal gives me smiles all day long, what more could I ask for?
My Mother's Day morning started off with breakfast in bed and then a mad dash to get ready for church in time! Snapped this quick pic on the ride there! 
 We stopped by my mom's after our church and before hers and then spent the evening together for dinner. I am so so glad she is here with me in Florida. I love having her in my everyday life and an active part of my kids lives. She babysits when I need, she is the best errand partner, she comes to the kids games when she isn't working, she is the best. I am truly blessed.