Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Fair!

The Osceola County Fair was in town! Jack Jack and I went one night with Kara, Shelly and Shanda and all their kidlets. He was mostly a sad kid because he couldn't ride all the rides his cousins could but he did enjoy the ones he could ride! I didn't take any pictures but stole these from Kara's blog.
We also went again with Daniel on a Saturday night. We spent our time looking at the animals - steers, pigs, lambs, chickens, rabbits, ducks and geese. Jackson loved it! We also walked through the exhibition center and watched a bit of the steer sale. No purchases for us this year, we still have plenty of venison! Here Jack and Porter smile for a quick pic!

The Rest of California

I was sure to take lots of pictures at my baby shower. Unfortunately, those were about the only pictures I took. Here are the rest of them... I guess I was just too busy having fun to think about grabbing my camera.

Here was one of many nights over at Nate and Dara's. Jack fit right in with his cousins!
The life saver of the trip was the full sized crib my mom had and the fact that Jack quickly adjusted to the time change. He was always well rested and therefore cheerful!
We enjoyed playing at my cousin Rachel's house one Saturday afternoon. We were able to go to Evan's 4th birthday party which was so much fun!
Quick pic here and there with Uncle Jeff and Grandpa!

We went to a couple parks here and there.
Uncle Sam!
This was at Uncle Nate's and Grandpa's baseball game. He enjoyed harassing them in the dugout and sticking his fingers in the fence.
The next time we go back we will be a family of four!!

Showered With Love!!

I just spent 10 wonderful days in California. It will be the last time I see my family before the baby is here! We had the best visit and the time just flew by! Jack was quite the little trooper and enjoyed being adored by all. I had my time to shine as well at the most perfect pink baby shower thrown by my dearest Aunt Sandee and cousin Jill (pictured below!). I really am spoiled! Surrounded by all my family, showered with adorable baby girl gifts and eating delicious food... it truly was the perfect day.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Love Florida

We broke the splashpad wide open today! Absolutely loving this weather!!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday

To: ME!!
I turned 32 last month. I haven't always been a big birthday sort of person but I love a good excuse to eat at my favorite restaurant! Daniel had captains class until 10 that night so I was just going to take my other main man with me. Luckily we were joined by my mother-in-law and sis-in-law so I could actually have a real conversation with someone who speaks more than 3 word sentences. The food was delicious, the company great and a good birthday all in all! Here I am with my hot date.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Silliness and Cuteness

Boy do I have some blogging to catch up on! I pretty much blinked and January was over and February is speeding by in the same fashion. I've been uploading and organizing pictures galore and may be a little burnt out on computer time to do much blogging but here are some pics of the silly guy to hold me over until tonight or tomorrow.
Being silly at boys club at the Sniders

Gearing up for lil sis

Couldn't resist the crack attack!