Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Boo Bear

Benny. Benny Boo. Boo. Boo Bear. Boo Berry. Blueberry. 
Oh how we love our baby!! He is the most adored baby alive. Smothered in hugs and kisses constantly by everyone in this family. We are so lucky to have him. And he is one happy boy!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Goodbye Winter, Hello Summer

I think our warm Florida weather is finally here to stay! We spent a really nice day at the park for Jackson's class field trip. Ivy played with the kids while Benny slept away peacefully next to me on the blanket in the shade. It was a relaxing morning that was needed after a busy week of eyelash appointments for me. The next day we opened up the pool! I knew the water was going to be cold (and it was) but it wasn't cold enough to keep the kids out! Ivy may have forgotten how to swim at first... panicking a bit after plunging in the water. It'll take a little time to sharpen up our swimming skills but I enjoyed watching the happiness the pool brings. Looking forward to the summertime! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015


This little guy is giving Tae Kwon Do a shot. It is adorable. So far he has broken a board with his stepping side kick and has mastered all his combinations. It's hilarious. But I love it. And I am so happy to watch him twice a week in an air conditioned room rather than sweating my tail off in the Saturday sun watching soccer. And he can count to 10 in Korean. :) 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Benny's Big Debut

On March 8th we blessed this perfect little babe of ours. Daniel gave a beautiful blessing and I was a proud mama. Here are the men that were in the circle. A nice picture of 3 generations of Munns men. And our perfect little family. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happiest 6th Birthday Jackson!!

Wait, what? My little baby boy turned 6? I can hardly believe that 6 years ago we had this beautiful boy of ours. 6 years seems like a lot of time and yet it has just quickly passed us by! I am so lucky to have him for my son. He is funny and smart. He is an excellent helper... willing to fetch me anything at anytime, hold Benny, give him his paci, cheer him up. He helps me in the kitchen with any task, he vacuums, he picks up. He is a rule follower and an honest little boy. He is a good little reader. A pokemon lover. A phone or tablet game player. A martial arts competitor. He loves his cousins, he loves sleepovers and playdates. He is his dads right hand man - and a rat ranch worker. He is a pesky brother to his sis, always riling her up. He is the best at delaying bedtime, gives the best kisses and is the perfect boy for us. 
 Breakfast in (our) bed for the birthday boy. He asked for the exact same breakfast we made for Daniel 3 days earlier which was eggs, bacon and biscuits and gravy. He has asked for biscuits and gravy for breakfast several times since... this boy is a fan!
 I was lucky enough to have lunch with Jackson at his school. Chimentos at his request. We spent most of the time practicing his karate combinations with Benny (more on that later). 
 He was spoiled in class, too. 
 I love planning birthday parties. But I have to admit, this one crept up on me! No fancy invitations, decorations, or cake pops. Just some balloons, homemade ice cream, a "car" cake (which was pretty awful looking but that Jackson loved, which is all that mattered) and all of his cousins. He was a happy boy which made me a happy mama.
 I love looking back and my birthday boy pics.
 Jackson requested the pirates dinner show for his birthday. Daniel rounded up some free tickets (luckily... would have hated to pay for that!) and off we went... each one got to invite a friend. I thought the show was pretty awful but the kids loved it! 

Happy Birthday Daniel!

Daniel turned 37 the first day of the month. We tried to spoil him on his big day with breakfast in bed and a nice steak dinner. My mom came and babysat the night before so we could have a birthday date and dinner out. Littler Benners tagged along of course. So glad this man of mine was born!!