Friday, August 21, 2015


We vacationed in Washington this summer with the entire Fernley family! Besides the flights across country, the 4 hour drive to the lake and Ivy's resilient case of impetigo it was a fantastic trip! We stayed on Lake Chelan and it was beautiful. The weather was gorgeous and perfect. Again, I don't have that many pictures. We went to a really fun water park and we spent many hours on the lake in the boat tubing. We kayaked, paddle boarded and did lots of fun things but I only managed to get a handful of pictures. 
This travel baby was a trooper, of course. 
 After we flew into Seattle we met up with everyone at the hotel and then walked to dinner where we enjoyed excellent chowder and fish & chips.
 Pit stop on our way to Chelan for this little lady. Apparently we brought some impetigo with us!
The babies!! Benny and Shaylee
 Breakfast and berry picking at Blueberry Hill.
 Ladder ball!!
 We booked a fishing charter while we were there and caught a bunch of lake trout! They were delicious!
 A family picture with a beautiful backdrop.
 I spent many early mornings with Boo out back on the lake. 
 Sunggled up in our hotel bed before our big travel day home.
 The kids were dreamy little travelers, luckily!
 Airport buddies!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Happy 4th of July!!

We started the morning off right with our annual neighborhood bike parade!
 My festive little peeps!
After a full day of swimming and feasting on delicious food, we enjoyed a mighty fine firework show

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summertime - And the Livin's Easy! (month of June)

Now that the summer of 2015 is coming to a close I ought to start blogging about it! We've been busy around here! Busy living! It's been a fantastic summer. We have certainly tried to make the most of it. At least the most I could. I did find myself, on many occasions, unable to take pictures. When you've got a baby in your hands it just makes it nearly impossible sometimes. Especially at the beach, or at the pool. So I'm just going to skim through my June pictures and post what I've got! Here it goes... 

This boy is a fisherman. He turned a corner this summer. He now is totally and completely able to fish by himself in our backyard at the pond. It is adorable to watch. Anyhow, he is all about fishing these days and so was ecstatic to go night catfishing with his dad and cousins one night. This night was exciting for 2 reasons... 1- They caught a huge catfish! 2- He was with his cousins. And we were lucky to have several of our Utah cousins visit us this summer. 

 Our first official "get-away" was up to Madison, FL where we enjoyed an exotic animal auction. Ivy was our photographer here. Her selfies are my favorite. And yes, we are bottle feeding goats in these pictures. 

 Enjoyed a nice day on the lake!

 Countless mornings, afternoons and evenings at the pool with cousins. 
 This beautiful baby of ours is always happy to be along for the ride. He really is so happy all the time, especially when we are out and about somewhere. He doesn't get very cranky when he doesn't get very good naps and hardly fusses. We are so lucky to have him. He is the perfect 3rd child!
 Speaking of this perfect 3rd child of mine, in June he was fitted for his helmet! Here we are, first day of wearing it in June (June 12th to be exact). We had an appointment earlier this week and his head is now completely normal!! WHOOHOO!!! He is in the normal range by half of a percent! He has to wear it for 3 more weeks (to avoid any regression). The big day is September 1st! I cannot wait. He has been a trooper with it... it hardly seems to bother him. But I am looking forward to kissing that head and snuggling him better and no more accidental knocks to the head (they hurt!)   
His first day wearing it was poolside.
We had visits from the Jacob Munns fam, a few of the Wardlets and the Anderson clan this summer.
Our hour of non-helmet time is always our favorite time of the day!
That's a lot of kids in the pool!
A family Father's Day photo. Sorry I missed posting about Father's Day but we sure are lucky for this dad of ours!! And our own dad's, too, of course!!
This beach babe didn't slow us down from hitting the beach one bit! Just like my other rugrats, he is a beach-goin' baby!!