Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Break

It's a total bummer when you go to take a picture of your first Spring Break adventure and your storage is full. So I didn't take any pictures. These are a few that I had people text to me just so I had some documentation. 
We started our week off at the fire station! This was special requested by Jackson. I had never been and it was fun! They showed us around their station, their fire trucks, let us sit in the trucks, dressed up in all their fire gear, etc... The kids loved it. 
Of course we had sleepovers. Ivy had her first sleep over with Lillie and Lizzie and had a blast!
Jackson went on a campout with Daniel and the boy scouts. They went out on airboats, did some frog gigging, some fishing and some serious camping. He was in heaven. 
A few of us went in on a nice bounce house/water slide set up for Thursday and Friday and planted it right next to the pool. It was 2 dreamy days for these kids, non-stop fun with friends and cousins, running back and forth from the pool to the bounce house to the lake to the pool, etc... They ate junk and drank sodas and loved life. It was a good time!
We didn't do everything on our Spring Break list, but we did a lot and in the end I had happy kids.