Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Funny things Jack Says...

These phrases are just so funny to hear coming out of this kids mouth...

"What are my options?"
(when Daniel asked him what show he wanted to watch)

"First of all..."
(when he was correcting me about birds eating bugs in the backyard)

(I had asked him what color sippy cup he wanted and he first said green. Then paused and said, actually, I'd like orange mom)

Why is he growing up so fast?

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Crazy Girl

Jackson and Ivy had been playing in the pantry and after a few minutes I heard Ivy doing her typical cry/scream. I glanced over and noticed Jackson was gone so I figured he had just closed her in. Nope. She is crazy. She had climbed up and gotten stuck on the shelf. So funny. I had to take a picture. Later on that day I watched her climb up into her high chair. This girl has skills. Crazy dangerous skills. 

Happy 4th of July!

We spent the 4th of July at Grandma and Godad's house, swimming in the pool, going out on the boat, and eating lots of delicious food. It was a very nice day but we missed our dad who was running boats all day long at work :(  
Here are my patriotic babes eating strawberries while I make breakfast.

Kara and I hopped on the boat while our babies were sleeping. Jack Jack loved riding the "hot dog" and Kara and I even took a turn of our own. Quite fun. 

I thought we'd have a little firework show at the Hacienda but everyone was heading to the lakefront instead. Daniel was in no condition to go anywhere (exhausted) so we came home and put Ivy down and Jack Jack and I sat on a blanket in the backyard and watched for any fireworks we might see... luckily we did see some but unfortunately they were pathetic. I don't know if Jackson really cared, but I wish he had seem something better. Oh well... next year I guess? 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Girls Night Out

I enjoyed a girls night out with my sisters a few nights ago. We had dinner together and then were supposed to hang out together at the Hacienda but my night was cut short with a phone call at 10:30 that my little boy was puking. Of course on the one night I was out with the girls. 

  I hit up the beach with all the sisters and met up with some of Daniel's cousins as well. We usually really enjoy the beach but Jack Jack was in rare form that day (cranky, crying, needy, no fun) so we cut it short and headed home a little early.

 Notice I am holding Jack in the picture above (he would not let me put him down) and he is fully bolting in the picture below (back into my arms - he did not want his picture taken)
  And a fun little date night to celebrate Vanessa's big 40th birthday!

The Play by Play

Daniel was sure to give me the play by play the other night when I was out with the girls. I enjoyed my periodic picture text of what he and the kids were doing. Dinner, bath, a whole lot of baby powder, a walk, some play time at the Snider's, then night-night time. I don't think I'd do those things in that particular order but Daniel informed me that was how he rolled. 


I couldn't resist posting this picture of the kids with their GoDad the other night. They sure love him.


This girl LOVES watermelon. Seriously, a real love affair with the stuff. 

Fun Day Planned = Total Failure

Daniel had me run a generator up to a repair shop in Longwood for him last week. It's a solid hour + drive so I thought I'd do a little research and find something fun for the kids and I to do while we were there so it wasn't such a long time in the car. 
There is a park called Big Tree Park with the oldest known Cypress tree in the state called the Senator. It's a short nature walk to see the tree with a playground nearby and plenty of shaded places to sit and eat. Perfect! So I packed up a nice picnic lunch and was excited for our little adventure.
 First of all, the park was closed. Wha wha. the Senator was struck by lightning a few months ago, caught fire and burned until it collapsed. Eek. Closed, locked gates. Shoot. I quickly googled parks/playgrounds but there weren't any super close and the kids were done being in the car. There were a few benches outside of the park gates so I figured we could park it and at least eat lunch. It was all down hill from here. We opened our yogurts and lunchables but neither of the kids ate them (probably were still full of the powdered donuts I grabbed for them for the ride up) and no trash cans. Shoot. Jack Jack what? You have to go #2? Of course. No restrooms. What keeps biting me? Who even knows but me and the kids were covered in bites. This is all within the first 10 minutes. Forget it. Not worth it. No fun. Let's get the heck out of here.
The drive home was pretty miserable but less miserable than the fun picnic at the park I had planned. We were all just glad to get home. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The "Late-Over"

All of Jack Jack's dreams came true last Friday night when we had a "late-over" (rather than a "sleep-over") with a few of his friends and cousins. It was a lot of fun with the boys. Daniel had the perfect evening planned out with a few of Jackson's favorite things. Here is the run down...

First, a group photo to start the evening.
Rye, Jack, Jett, Rett, Duce and Austin
 Getting their fishing poles ready for some fishing around the pond.

 Daniel later told me he could have used 2 more adults with him out there fishing... it was a lot of work. But almost every one of them caught a fish... including Jack... all by himself!
 Pizza for dinner!
 Archery shooting (plastic bottles on the back of Daniel's truck)
 A little game of wiffle ball and a home run derby.
Little bit of a dance party. It got a little out of hand and Ivy was mesmerized the whole time.

 Ice cream sandwiches.Yum.
 At one point Jack asked me when the sleep over was going to start and I said, "Buddy, this is the sleep over!" and he replied, "No mom! What about all the pillows and blankets in the family room?" We quickly got out all the pillows and blankets and put in Ice Age. It was fun listening to the boys giggle at the movie.
I tell ya, the "late-over" is the way to go! After the movie (around 10:00) the boys went home! Jack Jack fell asleep quickly in his own bed, we didn't have to worry about the boys during the night and no responsibilities in the morning! It was definitely the way to go (at least with a 3 year old!) 
How lucky we are for good friends and family that Jack Jack adores!