Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Baby Shower

When I was in California over Thanksgiving my Aunt Sandee threw me my first baby shower!!
It was absolutely perfect!! I couldn't believe the wonderful gifts I received but I mostly enjoyed the company of all my family on the most perfect day at the cutest restaurant eating a delicious lunch! And the party favors were adorable. Thanks Aunt Sandee!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


By the way... My last 2 posts have been extremely hard to format. It doesn't matter how hard I triy to move/rearrange the pictures, they never turn out how I think so if they seem a little random I apologize - I have no idea why.

Hunter Extraordinaire - Caution - Viewer Discretion is Advised!

As many of you know, Daniel has been quite the world traveler this fall with many hunting excursions. He's been hunting in Virginia, Texas and even Canada! That is in addition, of course, to the many nights of hunting right here in Flordia. What does he hunt? you might ask. Just about anything he can, deer, turkey, gator and boar hogs.

He's been wanting me to blog his adventures so below you will find just a little of what he's been up to. Be careful - these pictures are not for the feeble minded.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Virginia October 2008

I was able to fly up to Virginia for a weekend to visit the Andersons and Jordan & Shanda. Virginia is absolutely beautiful in the fall - Florida, or California for that matter, cannot quite compare.

Here are some of the things we did:

Human Pyramid (1st time I've ever been on the top!)

Documented (I did not participate) in a water fight.

Enjoyed one another's sisterly company

Went to Jordan & Tyler's football game - Go Knights!

Many photo shoots of course...

And saw all the kiddies dressed up for Halloween!

Time to Update?

Let me preface this with a little explanation. Obviously updating our blog is long overdue but let me tell you why. The internet connection from the computer I keep my pictures on is not working and I refuse to download pictures on different computers all over our house so it's been a matter of getting the pictures from my computer to another - who wants to do that? But now that it is Christmas break and my cards are out, my decorating is over, the shopping and wrapping are done and I even finished writing my thank you cards today I think it's about time to update my blog. I'm starting with my trip to Virginia in October so get ready.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I've enjoyed my Saturday doing nothing but stuff around the house. I've done laundry, dishes, prepared my lesson for tomorrow, practiced the piano and most importantly gave my closet a complete makeover!

I've moved all of my regular clothes off their hangers/off their shelves and up onto my super high shelf and replaced them with maternity clothes.

Did I go on a shopping spree you might ask? No - it's been more like Christmas! Suitcases, plastic tubs and grocery bags full of maternity clothes from friends and sisters. I think I have more maternity clothes than I have regular clothes now and it is WONDERFUL!!! It makes getting fatter and fatter so much easier! (as a side note - I always hated it when I would hear pregnant women complain about being fat because - hello!! - you're not fat - you're pregnant! But now that I am pregnant... I know exactly why they complain. You're just not used to seeing yourself get so big in so many places!! Even if it is because you're growing a baby!)

So this is a shout-out to my sisters Dara, Vanessa, and Erika (Leah, I'm sure some are yours, too, and I even recognize a shirt Kara wore with Austin) and to my dear friend Eva... you guys are AMAZING!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Petempich, Mexico

Almost one week ago we returned from our 5 year anniversary get-away to Petempich, Mexico. We had a wonderful, relaxing time! The best part was spending 7 uninterrupted days with Daniel and no responsibilities. It was pretty nice. Here is quick "tour" of our trip:
First, a pit stop in Miami to drop off Eva & Joey's kids and to fill up on delicious cheese-filled heavenly pastries before flying across the gulf.

Arriving at the hotel and beholding it's wonderfulness.

This is the view from our room... It was amazing! I love being able to see the pool and the ocean at the same time.

It didn't take us long to put on our suits and jump in!

Unfortunately - this was one of the few times we were able to enjoy the pool... it rained everyday!!
Here are a few more shots of us at the pool later that week.

We really took advantage of the "all inclusive" and ate our hearts out!! We loved deciding where we were going to eat each night and the last night we ate our favorite items from every restaurant. Room service was fabulous, too!

Here is our wild life encounter. Too bad he lost a leg!

The "hot tub" was luke warm (not that I could really enjoy it anyway) so Eva and I made our own hot tub!

Our "romantic" room accomodations!

We spent a day in Cancun - shopping, walking and eating authentic Mexican food. We hitched a ride with some locals and enjoyed the bus transportation as well. Daniel and Joey did a good job making sure we didn't pay too much. Unfortunately I did get ripped off with a picture frame I bought... huh Eva??

We took a walk along the expansive, beautiful sandy beach... oh wait! Seaweed/trash infested beach.

All in all - it was wonderful. I was able to do my most favorite things.... sleep, read, eat, be with Daniel and game it up!!! We are lucky to have friends like the Sniders!! I can't wait for our next destination for surely this has become a lasting tradition! Maybe Spain??