Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Just Keep Swimming...

The Anderson's were in town last month for a couple weeks and while they were here we spent every. available. waking. minute over at the Hacienda swimming (minus a beach trip here and Wild Florida there). They didn't even stop for lunch. Jackson's fingers were permanently wrinkled for the duration of their stay. The kids were in HEAVEN. Was a great start to the summer. 

Family Beach Day

When it comes to going to the local beach, it's usually me and the kids sometime during the week with friends or cousins. So when Daniel suggested we take a trip out to Melbourne one Saturday because he wanted to do some fishing I was thrilled to have him come along.... so were the kids. It was such a perfect day! Great weather, lots of fish, boogie boarding, digging in the sand... and a delicious dinner that night with our catch! I'd like to see more of these kinds of Saturdays!

We love the dentist!

Ivy's first dentist appointment. She rocked it.
When I told Jackson the day before that we were going to the dentist in the morning, he said, "YES! I LOVE the dentist!" They are so good at Jason's office and Ivy passed with flying colors. No cavities - teeth looking good, Jackson just barely getting his 6 year old molars. 

Now, Daniels appointment that afternoon.... not such a good report. :) I'm hoping our kids have my dental genetics!