Monday, January 8, 2018

Tis' the Season! Merry Christmas 2017!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! Here are all of our Christmas festivities!!
Boo Bear was very brave sitting on Santa's lap this year... on the verge of tears but he made it!
 Cutest little 3rd grade Christmas program and my 3rd grade elf in the back row. 
 Couldn't get a great picture of Ivy's performance but we got one together afterwards during her leadership conference.
 Why not start Christmas break right with a trip to the movies!! We saw Coco and we loved it!

 Florida is the place to be for Christmas break! Broke the boat out to take it for a little run and hit up the rope swings!
 Daniel's aunt always has a cousins favorites party every year with all the girls. It's one I look forward to every year!
 Christmas Eve should be on Sunday every year. Love my church going Christmas people. 
 Our tradition is Christmas Eve at Grandma Vicky's! She always makes us the most delicious dinner... complete with yummy appetizers and scrumptious dessert. All I bring is the bubbly! (sparkling cider that is) 
 Christmas Eve jammie picture in front of the tree!
 Santa came!!!
 Christmas morning family selfie 

I am grateful to celebrate the birth of our Saviour each year, so grateful for my knowledge of Him and the Plan of Happiness. Such a fun way to celebrate His life and mission. I just love giving gifts to these kiddos... there is something so satisfying about picking things you just know they'll love... this year was no exception... the kids loved it all!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Birthday Boy!!!

Yay!! Benny is our birthday boy!! This birthday was bittersweet for me. I would say that my favorite age of all the kids so far has been 3. 3 is so fun. They are sliding out of the baby stage, can be a little more reasonable, a little more flexible, easier to take places. Yet they are still little guys that say cute, funny things, and are still so loveable, snuggly and babyish. It's the best of both worlds really. So I'm super excited to have another 3 year old. In fact, I distinctly remember when I was pregnant with Benny, Ivy was 3. And I loved it. She was the cutest 3 year old. And I remember thinking that in 3 more years I would have another one... lucky me. But here it is... and here I am... with my last 3 year old. So I'm a little sad that he's the last 3 year old I will enjoy. Anyhow...  back to my boy!

Traditional birthday hat picutres and birthday shows and snuggles in bed. 

  He helped decorate his cupcakes with all my other helpers. I love how this pictures catches our elf, Christopher Popinkins in the top left corner. 
 Then we took the birthday boy to Wawa for a donut and sizzlies. 

 Back to the house to get ready for the party!! Nemo cake at his very specific request. 
 Lots of cuzzie time. 
 With Uncle Jordan, the other birthday boy!!
 Opening lots of presents!!
After party afternoon snuggles with mom in bed (trying to coax a birthday nap out of him but didn't have any luck... naps are hit and miss these days).
 Afternoon play time!! (It was chilly! Put a read damper on our pool party!)
 And that's a wrap!! I was hoping he'd fall asleep in my bed so I could snuggle him before I went to bed. Got my fill!!
 Figured now would be a good time to throw in this handsome picture. The day after his birthday at church. The only one of my 3 children that would let me take a picture that afternoon. 
 For his birthday Daniel made Benny a sandbox. It's nice having a handy husband. And this sandbox is loved by all!! Gets some real good use around here!

Thursday, January 4, 2018


It may appear I skipped right over Thanksgiving and I kind of did because I didn't take a single picture at Thanksgiving. Oops. But I did take a few pictures of this pretty little gal at her Thanksgiving performance! She was an excellent narrator and singer of songs! 
 Jackson's class didn't have anything for the parents for Thanksgiving (they did a fun little activity in class for just the kids, though) but I couldn't pass up this picture that his teacher texted me. Always love getting things like this!!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Visit from an old friend...

It was so fun meeting up with my old college roomate, Molly. Her family spent Thanksgiving in Florida with some of her husband's family and we snagged them for a few hours on their drive home and met them at Wild Florida. I loved meeting all of her kids and spending time together. We have quite the line up between the 2 of us!