Friday, January 20, 2017

Christmas 2016

The big day finally came. The one we had all been waiting for. And it did not disappoint. 
I made a delicious Christmas Eve breakfast of crepes... enjoyed by me, Ivy and Benny while the big boys went on a morning hunt. 
 A little Christmas Eve cruise in Daniel's Christmas gift... his brand new '89 Jeep. 
 Our traditional Christmas Eve festivities at Grandma Vicky's. Every year she makes the most delicious dinner and dessert. We open gifts and enjoy every minute of it. 
 Our traditional Christmas Eve picture in the front of the tree in our Christmas jammies. It is my favorite picture all year. 
 Letters to Santa, cookies, milk and carrots. 
 Yep... Santa came!
 Mr. Clause himself.
 Traditional Christmas morning selfie.
 I really enjoyed Christmas on Sunday this year. We woke up, not too early luckily, enjoyed our gifts from Santa and the stockings then paused the rest of Christmas and got ready for church. It was just a 1 hour program - a beautiful program with beautiful music - and afterwards we changed back into our jammies and headed over to Grandma and Godad's for our traditional creamed shrimp on toast breakfast. It was delicious! After breakfast we exchanged gifts with our Munns family then headed back home to finish our Christmas gift opening. 

My beauty!!! 
 We took a short break in the afternoon to see our favorite missionary!!
 And the rest of the absolutely gorgeous day was spent enjoying all our many gifts. What a blessed day and a truly blessed life we have!!

Christmas Break

We had an entire week off from school before Christmas arrived and we managed to sneak in some real fun before the big day. Ice skating was a real big hit. Benny wasn't the easiest to skate with but it could have been worse. The kids were all over the ice! By the end they had gotten the hang of it again but they spent a lot of time on the ground too. It was fun to watch. Nothing a little popcorn and soda couldn't cure. 


 Playdates with the cuzzies was a MUST
 No school means snuggles in bed all morning watching shows. 
 And in typical Florida style... swimming of course.