Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Benny Boo Bear

I have literally been blessed with the sweetest baby a mama could ask for. Our Boo Bear. He is the best buddy. Good little companion bubs for me. Except he thinks he doesn't need naps anymore. So I'll put him to bed and he'll climb right out of his crib and then pass out somewhere else in the house (because he obviously does still need his nap - silly baby) Makes for some nice snuggles, though. 
He's got a thing with towels. If he's missing and quiet in the house, he's probably in the bathroom chewing on our towel, weird, I know. 
 Golf cart rides around the neighborhood is this kids FAVORITE! I can get him to do anything with the promise of a golf cart ride afterwards. (he call it a ya-ya-yide)
 Pool contruction is very very interesting!
 He loves helping in the kitchen! His favorite thing to  help with is cracking eggs of course!
 He's also excellent at helping with the laundry. 
 Now that the weather is cooling off, we are enjoying the park more often. Another fan favorite... always to be enjoyed with cousins.  
 Reading books is always better in his tent!
 Soccer season. This means hanging with mom on the sidelines while bubba and sissy practice. Most of the time he's pretty good... only occasionally will he throw a fit because he wants on the field. Interesting fact - this kid kicks with his left foot. 
 Riding in the Jeep with dad to check the game cameras is ALWAYS a good time!
 Just another day, patiently waiting for the turtle to come out. 
 We hit the library every Wednesday for story time and it's a real treat when his favorite cousin, Ila (or Lila) comes along!
 There you have it! The life of my 2 year old!!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween this year was as good as ever! Lots of festivities going on... pumpkin book reports, trunk-or-treats, storybook parades, carving pumpkins and of course... our traditional neighborhood hayride trick-or-treating! We had Buzz Lightyear, a Zombie, and a Hunter (which my brother cleverly asked, "So he dressed up as himself?" - at least I didn't have to make a costume!!) He was fisherman for his storybook parade and Ivy's Dr. Seuss character was a Which-What-Who (the only one in the entire 1st grade I'm sure of it!) 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

14 Year Anniversary Get-away, Jekyll Island, GA

A friend of mine recommended Jekyll Island to me awhile ago. I filed it away and decided that when our anniversary rolled around, this would be the place we would go. And so we went! It was actually a surprise for Daniel, the destination that is, so it was kind of fun planning everything I wanted to do. (haha). It really was so dreamy. We celebrated our anniversary Saturday night at the Georgian Room on Sea Island. This suuuuper fancy and suuuuuper pricey place. But it was absolutely amazing. We did the chef's tasting menu with a drink pairing and it was incredible. You probably don't care one bit about our pictures with food, but it was a meal I never want to forget. My favorite was the tartare (pictured - the one that looks like a center piece - it was fantastic)
 The next day we slept in, hit up church for an hour in Brunswick and then had the most delicious Sunday brunch back at our hotel. It was also incredible. 
 All that eating can really tucker a person out so we spent the afternoon napping and reading :) Early evening we rented bikes and biked the island. The weather was beautiful, as was the island! We saw several deer along our way. We biked to Driftwood Beach which was this incredible beach on the north end of the island with large dead oak trees growing right up out of the sand in the water! It was beautiful!

 Had to snap a pic in the front of the Gatorology sign!
 We had a nice dinner right on the water that night. We enjoyed another night of sleeping in and rolled out late morning the next day to head home. It was short but perfect. Thanks to all the grandparents that made this happen for us!