Friday, July 21, 2017

Spring Soccer and Flag Football 2017

Wow. Let me just say that I completely FAILED as a mother this year taking pictures and videos of my children during their sports season. This is the 1 and only decent picture I have of Ivy during her soccer season. So sad. But she is a really good little player and we really enjoyed watching her each Saturday morning. 
 I have some pretty nice pictures of Jackson but that's only because another mom on the team would take tons of pictures each game and then upload them to a joint file that everyone could look through and download whatever ones they want. And she got some really good ones of our little #1.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Family Beach Vacation - Hammock Beach Resort

We took our family beach vacation up to the Palm Coast this year (just south of St. Augustine) the middle of May. School is still in session, but the kids only miss a couple days and the rates are always way better (and it's before Daniel gets really busy at Wild Florida for the summer). We stayed at the Hammock Beach Resort and it was a piece of heaven on earth!! They had several nice pools -indoor and out, a waterslide, a lazy river, zero entry pool, the beach, bike rentals. We loved it!! We stayed in a 2 bedroom villa and had plenty of room, a full kitchen, balcony... it was perfect. Some of the highlights included the waterslide (a real favorite for the kids) our morning bike outing, late night swim night in the indoor pool, and dinner on the grassy area of the resort with football and frisbee. It's one of my favorite traditions each year. Where will we go next...

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mother's Day

I was spoiled this Mother's Day with a fabulous program from my kinder girl complete with a Day Spa. 
 Ivy's sweet teacher Mrs. Moschouris
 I got to bring her home early with Sophie and this is where I find them. 
 Why not continue the celebration (birthday/mother's day) at Disney!?
I was spoiled on Mother's Day by my crew here. I feel like the luckiest mother just about every day. Wish I had taken a picture with my own mama... I was able to enjoy going to church with her in the morning and then having her over for dinner in the evening. It was a perfectly perfect day! 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Birthday Girl Turns 6!!!

May 10th. One of my favorite days of the whole year. My baby girl's birthday. She is a dream come true. And here is how we celebrated her!!
Traditional birthday hat picture and breakfast in bed (our bed is more fun)... crepes at her request. And of course, just 1 present before school!
 I grabbed some McDonald's for lunch and met her at school with Benny and her Auntie Shanda and Sophie... she was a happy girl and these girls are wild!
 We don't bring cupcakes to class... we bring donuts! (way more delicious and much less work).
 Opening up Jackson's present after school. This was a really sweet moment. 
 And the party! We had a pool party over at the Hacienda... again.... our last chance to do so. It did not disappoint!
 Tsum-Tsum Cake!
 Opening up the last of her presents before beddy bye time.  
 And I threw this one in here because it was so cute. Coloring with her new gel markers and coloring book from Grandma Vicky the next day.