Monday, April 24, 2017

Happy Birthday Bubba!!

This cutest Bubs of ours really knows how to celebrate!! We started the night before his big day having dinner out. Hot n Juicy Crawfish. Wasn't my favorite but he really loved wearing the gloves and getting dirty peeling shrimp and sucking out crawfish guts. 

  Our traditional birthday hat photo!
 Birthday breakfast in bed, plus a couple extra cute cousins!
 The weather ruined plans of fishing for the birthday guy but a special birthday lunch out with Porter and his Auntie Heather smoothed over the disappointment. Wawa of course. 

 Its a velociraptor cake in case you couldn't tell. 
 Unfortunately no pictures of the party people. We had all our boy cousins and neighborhood friends over for some trampoline jumping, basketball shooting, pizza eating, man hunting and cake eating shenanigans. It was a good night!!! Followed by presents of course!

 Now that he's eight... he's a cub scout!!
 And remember that fishing trip that the weather ruined? Well it was only postponed... they were able to go the following weekend and it did not disappoint. My boy is a fishing machine!

 The birthday boys in their matching grey Sunday suits. Love them. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Last of the Thirties...

This handsome devil turned 39 last month. Eek! Are we really that old? We celebrated at a delicious dinner, riding in style, in our "new" '89 Jeep Wrangler. This was of course, after Benny and I spent the day harassing him at work down at Wild Florida. And of course the kids were up when we got home to sing to our favorite guy! Happy Birthday Daniel!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Eight is Great!

 Jackson turned 8 in March. It is a very exciting birthday because this handsome devil was baptized! But before we get to the birthday, the party and the baptism lets talk a little bit about these amazing pictures Eva took of my darling guy at the Orlando Temple. I couldn't be happier about them. He is just so so handsome!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Ivy Iversons!!

This little spunky thing. I have a few months to catch up on so here we go!! We'll start with my far from girly girl - more like a feral child - Ivy. 
Kindergarten field trip to the Ice Factory! I sure loved skating hand-in-hand with this cutie.  
And for the 100th day of school she dressed up as a 100 year old lady! And she sure knows how to play the part! A real life Golden Girl! 
 And of course she came home with the best Valentine ever... her own self!! I absolutely love Kindergarten!!
 So maybe the biggest news of all... February 24th she lost her very first tooth!!! It was decntly loose, but nothing too wiggly and then I noticed the permanent tooth was already growing in behind it! So we started working that tooth over real hard and finally got it out!! She was very persistent and very brave! 
The before pictures:
And the after pictures: 
 School Spring Pictures!
 Benny and I spend the morning with Ivy in her class during her "Donuts & Data" day. We had donuts and she showed us her binder and all of the wonderful things she's accomplished this year!
 Another thing she has started again the last couple months is soccer!! She loves it and I equally love watching her play. She is so fun to watch and so good!!