Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Break

The kids had their fall break this past weekend. It was the end of the 1st nine weeks and a couple of teacher work days so they had Friday and Monday off. I wanted to do something fun so we tried a little outing each day. Friday, we went to the Sanford Zoo. I have to admit... the Brevard Zoo is better, but we had fun nonetheless...
The next day we went to check out the Partin Ranch Corn Maze. It was a little overpriced and there wasn't enough shade but the kids liked it!
And last but not least, we ended our little break with a trip to Wild Florida! The kids were needed in a video shoot with some of the animals and we cooled ourselves off with a little swim afterwards and lunch at the park! Now it's back to the school grind!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

11 Year Anniversary Get-Away!

For our anniversary this year we thought it would be a good idea to get away, even if it wasn't very far, because it would be our last chance before we have the baby! We decided to go to Savannah, GA. Neither of us had ever been and we had a really good time. Savannah is basically a 1 mile by 2 mile grid littered with parks, shops, housing and restaurants. Very cute, very quaint and very pedestrian friendly. We stayed at a super cute bed & breakfast called the Forsyth Inn, directly across from Forsyth park which is a rather large park on the south end of Savannah. Most of the action is in the north end which was an easy and enjoyable walk so we enjoyed seeing the city each night. 
We got in late and decided to try out Paula Dean's restaurant right off the bat. It was delightful! I ordered the chicken pot pie which was heavenly, as was her friend green tomatoes. Daniel ordered the buffet which was okay... nothing that spectacular, but it was fun! 
We enjoyed breakfast at our inn each morning which was always delicious. We decided to explore a little bit our first day and drove over to Tybee Island to see if we could check out any shrimping or crabbing boats. For the most  part, we struck out but only because they don't do much of that for spectators anymore and also, it was a very slow weekend. There was, however, Piratefest going on and we enjoyed seeing some quite colorful pirates everywhere!
We had lunch at the famous Mrs. Wilkes and enjoyed another southern cuisine, this time family style. It was also quite delicious and what made it even better was the fact that Daniel did some snooping around the back door of the restaurant and got us seated in half the time (we played the pregnant card). The wait was really long and I was so grateful!
For our anniversary dinner we ate at the Olde Pink House Restaurant which was our favorite of all. It was a bit fancier which was fun, but also so delicious we wanted to lick our plates. Daniel ordered the shrimp and grits (I think I've had dreams about his dish since) and I had scallops. Both were so tasty. We walked around the city market afterwards and enjoyed the music and the atmosphere and did some browsing. We enjoyed some Leopold's icecream and ended the night in a pedi-cab ride home. It was perfect.
The next day we enjoyed strolling through Forsyth Park and browsing their farmer's market while doing some people watching. Later, we headed back up to the city market to do some shopping and grabbed lunch at Zunzi's. After our rountine afternoon naps (napped everyday - so nice!) we reluctantly walked to dinner (we were so stuffed) to try out some crab stew and peach cobbler recommended by several people at the Crystal Beer Parlor. Both were delicious but as we drove home the next day I vowed I would never eat again and I thought I'd never sleep again due to insane heartburn. 
Well, I have returned to eating and my heartburn has subsided a bit and we fondly are recalling our trip to Savannah. We are so glad we got to go and celebrate 11 great years of life together.