Saturday, March 26, 2011

Daniel is 33...

I have to remind myself that this is our FAMILY blog, not just Jack's blog! Although the majority of what we do totally revolves around that kid. Daniel did have his birthday this month... 3 days before Jackson's - really a bad idea. Not that I planned it that way, of course, but I found he may have been a little slighted because of all the party planning for Jack Jack!

It was probably his best birthday yet... not. He went to work (I did sneak in a little early morning breakfast in bed for the good man), we brought lunch to him at work and then met him at the church that evening with dinner where he went straight to from work for activity. And there you have it! Super fun birthday! We did take one picture on the day and here it is!

33 things I love about my husband:

1. He is loyal

2. He is trustworthy

3. He is honest

4. He is one handsome devil

5. He loves his boy! (and asks me if he can sleep with us just about every night)

6. He is a hard worker

7. He is handy!

8. He enjoys food!

9. He eats anything I make

10. Seeing him in white at the temple

11. Our TV/snuggle time watching Top Chef, Modern Family, the Office...

12. His cute canine teeth

13. His perfectly straight teeth and genuine smile

14. The sound of his laugh

15. His priesthood blessings

16. That he served a mission

17. That he says the blessing on the food every single night because he is who Jack Jack picks

18. He is passionate

19. He is kind

20. He is witty

21. He has a talent for all things hunting

22. He is an amazing father

23. He is generous

24. He plays a mean game of rummy

25. He is an amazing pictionary partner!

26. He is funny

27. He makes the cutest funny faces

28. He is spontaneous

29. He is sensitive

30. He loves animals (all in different ways)

31. He has a strong testimony of the gospel

32. He is a wonderful husband

33. And what I love most is that he married me!! Thank goodness!! I got lucky!

Love you babe... Happy Belated Birthday

My Animal Lover

After I put Jack down for a nap the other day I kept finding animals all over the house... in the pantry, on the shelf, lined up behind the couch, on the chair. I love the 2-year-old-toddler-touch he adds to this house. I couldn't help but smile at each new discovery and then I had to finally grab the camera to document so I wouldn't forget this moment.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Boy and His Dad...

Daniel left with Jack Jack tonight to "ride the lease" and look for turkeys. Jackson was equipped with necessary binoculars, not to worry. I am headed out to a girls night out shortly and found myself with time to get ready so I curled my hair. I haven't done that in years. Literally. At least 2 years. Anyhow, now that I'm sitting here ready to go thinking about my two boys that I'm missing a little, I thought I'd update the blog with the two main men in my life. A little airboating, a little fishing, a little hunting, washing the truck, playing with animals, napping... you know... all those boys things.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jack's First Airboat Ride!!

Daniel thought since the boy is 2 now, it's time he had his first airboat ride. He didn't mention this to me, but he did mention it to Jackson so all day Monday I heard "Airboat ride, airboat ride, airboat ride."
I was skeptical about it at first but we ended up having a nice (safe) little time!!! He fussed about putting the life vest on, we had to pin his arms down to get the ear muffs on him but once the airboat was running he settled in on my lap and loved it! It was so cute watching him point at every single bird we crossed. And when Daniel pulled up to an alligator, he would put his arms out like he wanted to hold it. Funny kid. I have a feeling we'll be going out again soon.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Our First Family Camping Trip!!!

Since the weather has been so nice Daniel got the itch to try a family campout! Jack had never been camping before and I was a little skeptical only because he pretty much only sleeps in a crib. Lucky for us our tent is big and we just set up a port-a-crib for him and it worked like a charm! We got to the campsite a little on the late side so Daniel was setting up our tent in the dark. And it didn't give us much time that night to enjoy all the things you enjoy while camping, but it was a fun little trip and a little confidence booster that we actually can do it with our rugrat. So I'm sure we'll have more of these in the future.

The deal was that Daniel set up the tent and I arranged the inside.
Pictures around the campfire!
A little night fishing action.

Daniel took a picture of our accomodations in the morning. Little guy was still passed out.
And of course, some morning fishing action!

The Beach...

We have been quite spoiled by the weather here in Central Florida while the rest of the nation suffers with snow and cold! The end of February brought some super warm weather and we were able to hit the beach 2 weeks in a row. I am looking forward to next couple months I'll have (before this new baby comes) to enjoy the beach with my little 2 year old. He would go everyday if he could. "Beach?Beach?Beach?" He'll ask over and over and over again every morning. And I took some videos of him at the beach when we went and he could watch them over and over and over again (and then throw the biggest tantrum when I want to take the computer away.) I mean, just look at how cool he thinks he is with his beach gear on!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to Our First Born!! 2 Years!!

Today is Jackson's 2nd birthday. I can't believe how fast the last 2 years have gone! But they have been the happiest, most satisfying years of my life! And Daniel said it perfectly tonight when he looked at him and said... "I'm so glad you are ours!" We are so lucky to have this little boy in our life.
Here is a run down of the big day...
Happy Birthday First of the Morning with the Birthday Hat pic!

Breakfast of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in bed, yum!!

At his request, a kabota ride, picking oranges along the way, and getting the eggs.

Lunch at McDonalds... delicious! (to play, of course)

Next, some real playtime at the lakefront park.

(home for a nice long nap giving mom plenty of time to decorate the house and the cakes for the party... such a good birthday boy!)
Fishing with dad was a must!!

Pizza for dinner and then party time!

The candle blowing was recorded on video, not camera, but here are a couple shots with the cake.

Opening many many gifts!!

The proud parents!

All of your party guests!

Late night for you!!! But time for bed!

And here's a little reminder of the last couple March 4th's:
The actual Birth Day!
One year... March 4th 2010
Two Years, March 4th 2011