Friday, January 27, 2012

A Waver and a Walker

Sweet, sweet Ivy cup. She is waving!! It is the CUTEST thing you've ever seen.

And, no, she is not walking, but she THINKS she can walk and will just launch herself from the ottoman or couch or wherever she is standing and faceplant. Hard. She either needs to realize her feet aren't moving with her and stay where she is or move those feet!! I hope it's the former because my baby girl needs to stay a baby forever. No walking allowed. Yet.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tricky Sleeping Arrangements

Last night Jackson wanted to sleep in his "big boy" bed. Daniel and I have not even talked about when we wanted to move him from his crib. He is perfectly content in it and we are perfectly content with that but for some reason last night, as we were laying on his bed snuggling and singing "Fairer" (Beautiful Saviour - one of my favorite and most treasured nightly routines) he asked if he could stay and sleep there. I was fine with it, but fully expected him to call for me after a few minutes to put him in his crib. He didn't! He fell asleep! We checked on him before we went to bed and put an assortment of pillows around him just in case he fell off (he tends to flop all over the place at night). When I was up with Ivy at about 3:30 this morning I snuck in to check on him to see how he was fairing and I found him on the floor!! Don't know if he fell off or moved there himself (this morning he said he moved down to the floor himself) but I was amused. I threw some blankets on him and grabbed the camera, of course. How could I resist? And today, after church and lunch, when I went to put him down for his nap and asked him where he wanted to sleep... he said, "the floor!" So we made up a little bed for him on the floor and that is where he is now slumbering (that's the 3rd picture). So funny! Wonder where he'll pick tonight?!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hot Off the Press...

This just in!!! Sweet little baby Ives just reached her cute baby arms out to me!!! Happy Day!!!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Army Graduate!!

This week was the week! Ivy has completely transitioned from an army crawler to a real live baby crawler! Oooh and she is sooo cute getting from here to there. We are so lucky to have this baby cakes!!

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Monday, January 16, 2012

What is all the fuss about???

Oh, that's why you're crying. You've finally learned how to stand up in your crib.
(I am not ready for this!!)

Here is the sweet pea at 8 months. How fast time goes...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

33rd Day of Birth!!

I had a great birthday this year!! I met Daniel for lunch with the kids and was expecting a night alone with the kids since Daniel has activity on Wednesday nights but instead he surprised me by staying home and fixing me the most delicious steak dinner. Complete with flowers. He even cleaned up the kitchen. What the even bigger surprise was that he bought a cake! And candles. Lots and lots of candles. 33 to be exact. It was quite the fire as you can see below. But it was a wonderful day spent with the ones I love!! And Jack Jack sang happy birthday to me as many times as I wanted to hear which was pure bliss to my ears!

The Saturday after my birthday we celebrated with friends and family at my favorite restaurant, Carrabba's! It was a super fun date night out and the perfect end cap to my birthweek!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Daniel convinced me to go camping. Okay, I shouldn't say "convinced" me because I love camping! I have only very very happy childhood memories of camping with my family growing up so I'm all about camping. (Side note - getting ready to go camping is A LOT of work!! Never did appreciate that when I was a kid, so THANKS mom and dad!!) But with an 8 month old? I was skeptical.

And it turns out my concerns were completely valid.

So the whole trip wasn't really a disaster. In fact the entire evening was so much fun!! We set up camp, roasted our hot dog dinners, Jackson ran around like a wild crazy child with his cousins, Ivy hung out with us by the fire. It was so pleasant. The weather was perfect! We had good company to chat with. It really was quite enjoyable. Until bedtime.

We brought a port-a-crib for Ivy, so at 8:00 when she was ready for bed, we put her down. That was easy peasy. Jack got to stay up late and go fishing with the boys. When they got back and he was a complete blubbering tired disaster we tried to put him to sleep and this is when the breakdown of our trip began. He wouldn't fall asleep, he woke Ivy up, he kept Ivy up, he finally fell asleep, Ivy woke up, Ivy's back asleep, Jackson woke up crying, Jackson woke Ivy up, both back to sleep, Jackson up again, Ivy up again, etc, etc... Every time I look at the clock I was like... Seriously??? It's only 2:30????? Why isn't it morning!! It was a miserable night. Once Ivy woke at 6:00 I was done and out of that tent! The morning was okay but it's never as much fun to pack up and put away. At least the kiddos took great naps the following day and had a good nights rest the following night. I, on the other hand, am sure that my bout with mastitis (that hit me like a freight train Saturday night) was a direct result of zero sleep the night before.

Lesson learned right? We can camp, but when it's time for bed... it better be in our own beds!!