Thursday, August 29, 2013

Disney Overload

We had one week. One week between when our Disneyworld passes ended their blackout days and when they expired. This same week was our last week of summer, the week before Jackson started school. So it was a busy week! We (actually I should say "I") went 3 days in a row. I went with the kids Tuesday... pretty much all day. I went with Eva Wednesday night (little girls night out action). And then again Thursday, just for a few hours in the afternoon. I'm so glad we did. It was nice to get a little action in while we still could. What made it even better was to have my mom there! Disneyland gave her a couple passes when she left so she joined in the action! I'm not renewing this year, probably next with Ivy, but I didn't feel we'd get enough use this year. I will miss our Disney days, that's for sure! 

Welcome To Florida

I must document what might be the most exciting news of all this year... 
My mother has finally moved to Florida!!! 
She's been saying it for years and she finally did it! Once she put her house on the market in California it sold quickly and before we even knew it, she was here! And oh how we've enjoyed having her!! The other morning Jackson said to me, "Mom, I love grandma." It was one of the sweetest things I've ever heard. I'm so glad she'll be here to be a constant presence in mine and my family's lives. 
So since she arrived, things have really been falling into place for her. She found the perfect house in a great neighborhood and she actually closed on it last night! We are meeting painters tomorrow to personalize it a little for her and are having some new flooring put in next week! It is very exciting and we are so thrilled to have our grandma here with us forever! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

A Couple Firsts!!!

It's been a big month for our boy!! He started PreK today. He was so handsome and walked right into his classroom not looking back! Found his cubby and seat all on his own. I barely got a kiss and a picture in. After I picked him up I asked if he missed me and he promptly said "No!" Too many fun and exciting things going on for him to miss his mom! He said likes his teacher and he is looking forward to going back tomorrow. He sang a song they learned during story time and then turned into a total beast of a child (mostly over me not letting him play with my phone). Didn't take much to coax him into taking a nap and hopefully he falls asleep sooner tonight. We need to get adjusted to an earlier schedule but other than that it should be a good year for him. Here he is:

Another first for this kids is first season of soccer! We signed him up a couple weeks ago and they had a little evaluation for him. His first practice is Thursday! Go Team Canada!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Adorables

Here are a few pictures of the kiddos from the last few days.

Happy Fake Birthday Party!!

We enjoyed a fake birthday party at WF with all our cousins! Photo shoot for some advertising. Come have your childs birthday party at Wild Florida... they will LOVE it!! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Wild Florida visits River Ranch

We stayed at night at Westgate's River Ranch Lodge and had a really good time! It rained the entire evening we were there but it didn't stop them from holding their Saturday night rodeo which was a lot of fun to watch. We enjoyed a nice dinner, a great rodeo and the kids got their groove on at a little dance party afterwards. Plus a little ice cream.
We stuck around Sunday and visited their petting zoo and cruised around the property. It was really a fun little place... we could've used a couple more days!