Sunday, September 21, 2008

More About Baby Munns

We found out, officially, that we were pregnant on July 14th (although we suspected earlier). We spent the following weekend in Daytona Beach and had such a wonderful time thinking about future that was suddenly different. We wanted to wait a little while to tell everyone but we were leaving to go to Utah and California in less than a week and I wanted to announce it to my family in person while we were there. We had originally decided to tell Daniel's family when we got back from California but a timely get-together for Shelly's birthday afforded us the opportunity to announce it then.

We kept it simple and made a card for Shelly for her birthday asking her to share our news with the family. Too bad she couldn't say a single thing because she was crying! Before long, everyone was in tears. And I'm pretty sure I'm in tears right now just typing about it!
Next, we had to announce it to MY family. I made these cute shirts for Jake and Hallee that says, "I'm gonna have a cousin!" Jake didn't want to participate at first but I begged him so he sheepishly walked out with his new shirt on and showed grandma (my mom). After Sam assured everyone it wasn't him expecting a baby everyone was very excited for us. I took this picture of the soon to be cousins just after. Hallee was very excited about her shirt.
I do not know how to work our scanner so this picture of a picture will have to do for now. We had an ultrasound done earlier this week. I'm currently 14 weeks along. It was so fun watching this little baby move around and stretch and actually look like a real baby!! I could've stayed there watching all night.
The ultrasound tech had a guess of what the baby might be... DO YOU??

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our Mastercard Commercial

Consultative services with over 7 different doctors: $2,000.00
A variety of mandatory counseling sessions: $900.00
Over 50 doctor appointments: ridiculous
2 In-vitro fertilization cycles: $25,000.00
Preembryonic genetic diagnosis: $7,500.00
Injecting self with high powered hormones daily: crazy
21 unusuable embryos: heartbreaking

1 precious heartbeat on the fetal monitor: PRICELESS

We are so excited to finally be able to start our family! Baby Munns will make it's debut March 21st and we couldn't be happier!