Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Family Pictures 2016

I love getting our family pictures taken each year. And it's like Christmas to me the day I get them back from Eva. I've always been so happy with our pictures, she does such a great job, but this year was especially extraordinary. I mean, they are perfection in my opinion. It was hard not posting them all!!

Some odds and ends

So after I post all the events or activities I always end up having pictures that don't really fit anywhere but I want to blog them. So here they are... and bunch of odds and ends photos!
Who can resist a sleeping baby??
 Out for a little Kubota ride. 
 Dinner Date!!
 A family selfie!!!
 Love the crooked little smirk.
 Stay tuned for some family picture action!!!
 Love this bathing baby booty. 
 Daniel (irreverantly) snapped this pic during our morning family prayer. I just love it. Little boo with his arms folded. So sweet. 
 A little make-out session with the towel. This kid loves to chew on towels. He can't resist. Weirdo.

My Little Thanksgiving Performer

I attended Ivy's kindergarten Thanksgiving program and it was a goodie!! This cute little Indian girl did a fabulous job and sang her little heart out! And then we enjoyed a fantastic meal and got to look at all of her projects and crafts. I am one proud mama!!

A Trip to Tennessee

Daniel was attending a merchandise trade show in Pigeon Forge Tennessee and Benny and I were able to tag along!! We had a wonderful time! Beautiful weather, gorgeous fall colors, mountains, leaves and bears! We ate some really good food, did a lot of shopping and picture taking. It was an easy going, relaxing get away (well, as easy and relaxing as can be with 2 busy almost 2 year olds... Daniels general manager from work and his wife and baby boy joined us).  We walked around the Apple Barn, the Old Mill and the Island. We drove through the Smoky Mountains and went to Cade's Cove. We spent a day in Gatlinburg. Benny loved the leaves. Oh he could run through leaves all day long, tromping, throwing, rolling. It was fun to watch. We want to go back with the bigger kiddos someday!