Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Month in the Life of the Munns Family

My brain isn't quite working the way it's supposed to. I feel like I have an overwhelming amount of things to do but when I get a free moment, I can't figure out how to do a single thing. And usually when I sit down to do some blogging I upload all the pictures from my phone and sort them into individual posts and for some reason I just can't figure that out today. So instead, I am making one really really large post with a bunch of different random things that have been going on the last month or so. Enjoy!

Eva Snider took our family photos. We sure do adore this baby of ours!!

Snapshot of the kids before church!

 A big 'ol Christmas tree burning bonfire at Jordan and Shanda's. Also, the night before Ranier's back surgery. A picture of the boys who administered to him. And then our family visiting him at the hospital. The surgery went well and his recovery has also been successful. He has better days than others but for the most part he is doing well and in good spirits. 

Happy Birthday to my mom!! So fun celebrating together!
 A day with cousins at the Rat Ranch. What is the Rat Ranch you may be thinking? Well, Daniel has decided to breed feeder rats and mice. Wild Florida needs them for their large pythons and they have a handful of other accounts (including the Serpentarium) to which they sell feeder mice and rats to. Strange, I know. But it brings in a little extra money and you can't complain about that! 

My cutest, sweetest little Boo Bear. He is such a good baby and always so happy. He makes my heart sing. 

This kindergartner celebrated the 100th day of school by dressing up as a 100 year old man! 

 The cutie again. 

I loved see all my kids snuggling on the couch together the other night before bed. Jackson really takes charge with the baby and loves holding him. He really is a very good, capable helper and I am so grateful for that. 

Tuckered out!!

 At his 2 month check-up! All smiles until the shots happened. Then we were a real sad kid. But he weighed in at 14.5 pounds!  He's a whopper!

 Mom and Benny selfie. Love his little smirk.

 This is happening right now. Tae Kwon Do.  It is hilarious to watch and so fun for the kiddo. 

 After a suggestion from the doctor to spend a little more time on our belly (back of the babe's head is looking a little flat) we busted out the bumbo. He doesn't mind it for the first 3 minutes. Then he gets all squirrely, wibble-wobbly and starts to cry. 

 Doing work. 

A little Valentine's Day photo shoot action! This girl is a babe!

 I know, I'm obsessed. 

Every single one of Daniel's siblings flew in after Ranier's surgery to support/surprise him. It was fun seeing everyone and they had some pictures done one evening. Here is a cute picture of the crew.  

I'll spare posting the picture of the catepillar sized goo that came out of Benny's eyes... but for the last few days we've had a sick baby. No fever, just a lot of congestion, goo and a pretty nasty cold (thanks Ivy). It's actually made it's way around us all but it's the saddest for Boo Bear. He's had some restless nights but seems to be on the mend (thank you, urgent care and eye drops!) 
 Even when he's sick he's smiling.

 The fair is in town and we went to the rodeo last night. Love this bunch!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

More Pictures of Benny

Here is a small percentage of photos of this baby of mine that I snap on my phone. I just can't resist. Especially when he is so perfectly sweet and peacefully asleep. He is a very good baby when he's awake, too, I just don't take as many pictures then. And he has just starting smiling. I adore his smile, his face just lights up my life when he does. I am so lucky to have this little boo of mine.