Friday, November 4, 2011

Trick or Treat!

I had been anticipating Halloween night for the entire month of October. I could not wait to go trick or treating with Jack-Jack! And the evening did not disappoint. We just went up and down our little street, which was perfect. And this kid loved it. I loved it! Ivy was a little trooper in the stroller and we had such a nice night together as a family. Here are pictures of our little Jack-o-Lantern and our sweet little Flower.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Day!

Halloween Day!! Filled with: Candy, cupcakes, crafts, pumpkin seeds, decorations, cookies, and orange and black leggings :)

The big night will be forthcoming....

Carving Pumpkins

Sunday evening after church we carved pumpkins. I was the official scraper of the pumpkin guts since Jack refused to get his hands yucky. Daniel carved his "sad" pumpkin and Ivy's "smirking" pumpkin. I carved my "scared" pumpking and Jack's "pirate" pumpkin - at his request. It was the most pleasant evening and Ivy loved just being a part of the group.

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Let the Halloween Festvities Begin!!

Some may dismiss Halloween as a silly holiday that celebrates nothing but candy but I love the excuse to plan fun family activities and create lasting memories for my kids. We enjoyed a fun filled Halloween weekend as a familythat started Saturday night with some Ghoulish Jello Jiggler making and a family bonfire in the back yard after dinner.