Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pain in the Back?

Who sleeps like this!!??

Whole lot going on....

As I was scrolling through our pictures over the last month there were just too many to not include so we have a photo mash-up of sorts here.

This kid has developed a little fishing obsession. Daniel says he's pretty dang good at casting his line.
 Put pigtails on this little miss priss for the first time. A-dorable!!

 The weather here has been really nice so we have spent most of our afternoons outside. Here, the kids are having a little pumpkin picnic/photo shoot. 

We love a good dinner out! Jackson's restaurant of choice? Buffet City !

I should have included this in the Fair post but it was on a different night so I forgot about it. Our little miss Rodeo Queen in the making!
 Bath Buddies and Baby Booties!
 This sweet little profile.
 This is classic Ivy. Bottles and stuffed animals. Loves a good tail in her ear. 
We stayed a night at the Quigley's and hit the beach while we were there! It was a little on the chilly side but that didn't stop Jack Jack from getting in his trunks. Ivy thoroughly enjoyed the sand and shells.

A little sprinkler action in the front yard. After I wrapped these cuties in their towel burritos Jackson kept calling it his "towel taco"
Just because we put this kid to bed does not mean he is going to sleep. Always fun to find him awake and playing in his bed before we tuck ourselves in for the night. Rascal!
This was a real hoot. Daniel rolling these busters up in a blanket. They really enjoyed getting rolled out too. I was talked into getting rolled in the burrito and experienced an extreme claustrophobic panic attack. Apparently I need to keep my arms free. Still so cute. 

Pearl Rose Munns

I was woken early in the morning on February 6th to Kara reporting that Shanda had been admitted to the hospital and was dilated to a 7/8. EEK!! I had to bust a move! After getting everything ready for my kids for the day and making arrangements to get them to school or elsewhere I hurried myself over to the hospital for the birth! Just a couple more quick hours of labor later and a few minutes of pushing and beautiful, red-haired Pearl made her debut!! Welcome to the world baby girl!

Pics with the Kids

I have a few too many picture of Mickey Mouse on my phone, courtesy Jackson.
Accompanying dad on a ride at work.
  Pic with my gal.

Day Out With Dad

I had Jackson with me a few weeks ago on a Saturday for a church event I had to attend because afterwards he had a birthday party of one of his classmates that he was invited to. That meant Daniel had the day with Ivy. He was actually really excited about it. I received cute texts periodically throughout the day of my little babers - they went and got donuts and then he took her to the Serpentarium. Doesn't get much cuter  than this!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Disney Days!!

We are really spoiled with our Disney passes. Daniel will often say what a "hard life" I live when I tell him we are headed to Disney. Well I am just enjoying it while I can!! Next year, Jackson goes to preschool 4 days a week... we aren't fitting Disney in there! So now is our chance. We do love it. The kids really love Micky's Philharmagic 3D show and it was just a few weeks ago that Ivy sat through the entire show with her 3D glasses on!! It was so cute watching her grab the air, I loved it.