Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Adventures of Crunchy Munchy

Crunchy Munchy is Jackson's class pet. He was ridiculously giddy and excited when he got in the car after school Monday with Munchy in hand. It was our turn to have Crunchy Munchy! Each week he comes home with a different student and spends the week with them. You are supposed to read some books and decide on an outing you are going to take Munchy on. Then you write about them, include pictures, and add it to the Adventures of Crunchy Munchy book. Well of course we decided to take him to Wild Florida! We had a pretty good time toting the dino around. Jackson will be sad to say goodbye on Monday. We will miss you Munchy!
 Crunchy Munchy is on the right. First thing Jackson did when we got home was introduce him to our own dinosaur... our triceratops (unnamed). 
 Taking pictures with Crunchy Munchy is right up this kids alley. He gave me plenty of photo opps!
 Crunchy Munchy was our guest of honor at Family Home Evening! He even got to hold our Title of Liberty! And of course he accompanied us fishing. 
 He even slept with him!!
 Out to dinner with us? Yes! Running errands with us? Yes! There was no place Munchy didn't go! 
Crunchy Munchy loved Wild Florida!
 He made a whole lot of new friends!
 Hung out in the gift shop, took a picture in an alligator's mouth,  
 enjoyed the beautiful walk down the dock,  
 Life vest.... Check!! Hearing protection.... Check!! 
 Captain Dad!
 Looking for critters.
 What a bright, beautiful morning!
 It was a perfect ride! 
 Next on to the wildlife park! We stopped at our favorite spots. 
 Tortoise, deer, goats and gators! 

 You have to cruise down the Hawk Swamp!
And a little bit of working on the bobcat with dad.

We loved our adventures, Crunchy Munchy!! Thanks!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Some Family Pictures

We celebrated GoDad's birthday Saturday night at Longhorn's Steakhouse. Happy 67th Birthday!!
A picture with my babe!
 Daniel was on a picture taking kick Sunday and had pictures taken with us all! Love my boys in twin ties.
 Always some type of bedtime shenanigans.
 We participated in the American Heart Associations Heart Walk at UCF a couple weeks ago. We walked on a large team from our church and really enjoyed it. 
Sleepovers with cousins is always a good time! 

Saturday, September 21, 2013


 The most brilliant thing I am doing this year with Ivy is Playschool. It was inspired by Joy School (which is more often and more regimented.) This is actually just a standing play group once a week for a few hours that rotates at 5 houses (Sophia was out of town for the first one).  We assigned themes, colors and shapes to each month so we have a little direction for our craft/activity/snack/etc...
I hosted the first one which was September 5th. September's theme is Fall, Kindness, Star and Yellow. We ate all yellow snacks and made yellow star wands. The girls absolutely love it!! And last week it was dreamy to drop Ivy off at Kara's where she came home with the most adorable hat with her picture in the center of a star. This week she went to Sophia's (and made star shaped cookies and star necklaces and drank lemonade) and she was so so excited. Such a fun thing for the girls to do each week and such a nice little break for the mamas!! I've already heard a dozen times or more that she is going to Rita Pita's house for playschool next week.
Happy day for PlaySchool!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Go Team Canada!

Jackson had his first soccer game on Saturday. Besides the heat it was a perfect morning. He was excited and looked great out there on the field. The teams played 3 on 3 for about 5 minutes and then switched. It really is the cutest thing to see... all these little kids running after the ball in a crazy frenzy. And all the most unlikely players scored goals. Jackson's coach complimented him on his two assists... I had to chuckle. It's already shaping up to be a good season.