Monday, March 26, 2012

The Boy...

What has the boy been up to? You know... catching roosters, catching lizards, playing with cousins at the pool, building forts, and being my best buddy. Love this little 3 year old.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Update on Ivy

I know it has been awhile since I've put something on the blog but it seems like there just hasn't been anything new going on! I did feel an update is long overdue so here is a start.
Our Ivykins. Currently known as "The Baby Monster!" She certainly has her moments when she is monsterlike but the name actually comes from a game that Jack and Uncle Sam play with her (sort of - they run and hide and she crawls after them, wanting to join in the fun, and when she finally makes it to them, they run and hide in a different location and call her a baby monster. It's actually kind of sad). Anyhow, she is a sweet girl and we are lucky to have her. She knows how to get her way by screaming and squealing, she draws everyone's attention with her beautiful smile and engaging eyes, she is getting so many teeth all at once all at different paces and so is often referred to as Smeigl. She is an expert walk-all-over-the-place-as-long-as-I'm-touching-something-or-in-launching-distance, and often has bruises and bumps because she is such a speedy crawler. She has finally taken to a bottle which is very convenient and helpful but still is my snuggler 2 or 3 times through the night. I've gotten used to it and think I will miss it since it will be over soon. She does funny things like scrunches her face and sniffs her nose and really keeps us entertained around the dinner table with her antics. We love our sweet Ivy and are so happy she is ours.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Other Birthday Boy!

Daniel's birthday was last Thursday. He is a good sport about sharing his birthweek with Jackson and even informed me that when Jack Jack is older the two of them will probably be out celebrating their birthdays together without me (inferring that they will be hunting for their birthdays. Until then I'm throwing Jackson a birthday party each year!)

Anyhow, I tried hard to make sure it was a special day. Breakfast in bed, meeting him for lunch at work and thanks to Mom and Dad Munns we enjoyed a fancy schmancy birthday dinner at Del Frisco's. It was amazingly delicious. We came home and opened gifts (I actually had wrapped gifts for him... not always the case). And I had the whole fam sing happy birthday to him with a delicious ice cream cake and candles on Saturday at Jack's party so I think he was well taken care of! I hope he didn't feel slighted! Here are the lone pictures from his big 34th day!

Happy Birthday Jack Jack!!

Our poor little guy was not feeling well on his birthday. He had a rough night (ended up in bed with us) slept in late - didn't go to church, and his mood pretty much fluctuated with his fever. As long as he was medicated and his fever was down he was in better spirits. At least I was able to catch a perfect smile with his birthday hat this year (see years 1 and 2 below it).

This was our little dude most of the day... resting and watching shows.

We went on a small outing in the evening to feed the hogs and try out his fancy new bubble maker.

That night we sang to him again and let him blow out his candles again. We held a birthday interview which was totally entertaining and then felt so blessed and lucky to have this cute kiddo in our lives. What absolute and complete joy he has brought us these last 3 years. We love you buddy!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Birthday Party!

We had Jackson's birthday party Saturday night. It was a lot of fun (for me at least - and those that attended. Jack Jack was unfortunately feeling under the weather so didn't have as much fun as he could have if he had been feeling himself.) It was animal themed - for our little animal loving boy! I decorated with all his animal figurines, made a variety of animal cake pops (thanks Maddie and Caroline for coming over Friday night and working until midnight on them with me!). His cake was a cow cake. When he woke up Saturday and saw the cake pops he told me "Me love them mommy! Me love them!" and when he and Daniel came home Saturday from some morning errands and he saw all the decorations he exclaimed, "Beautiful mom!" Made it all worth it, right?!! Anyhow, all our little animal kidlets are below, followed by the decor, opening gifts and our party guests. While all of his cousins and friends were running around our backyard, Jack was sitting on Daniel's lap drinking juice. Poor kiddo.