Friday, September 23, 2011

A Green Bean...

We had green beans with dinner tonight. Daniel teasingly held one up to Ivy's mouth... and she loved it!! (didn't eat it, but sucked on it and fussed when he took it away). So I busted out the rice cereal and gave her her first helping of baby food! She did okay with it. Not sure I'm wanting to start on the baby food route yet but she seems ready. Can't believe how fast my baby girl is growing.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

the Pair

Ivy laughed for the first time today. And you know who she was laughing at? Her brother. It is so cute to see the love between siblings. Jack really does adore his sis and she apparently is quite amused by him. Here are a few pics of the 2 of them.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Update on Ivy

Our littlest Ivy girl just turned 4 months a few days ago. She is such a sweet thing. Growing so fast. She is a solid 14+ pounds of pure joy in our home. Here are some things she is up to:

The cutest tummy time girl - she enjoys being on her big ol' belly.

She barely fits in the exersaucer (I have to stuff a blanket around her for now) but she seems to enjoy her time in it (for a few minutes at least). And she is a rolly polly! Rolling over on her belly every chance she gets!

She just discovered her tongue and enjoys chomping on it. It's the cutest thing.

Here, she fell asleep in my arms with a scowl on her face, and she still loves her baths!

This little princess likes the bumbo seat! Is it just me or does her hair look like its growing in blond on the sides??? Compliments the brown mohawk perfectly!

Eyelash Extentions

Life changing may be an exaggeration but it's the closest I can come to describing these beauties! Recently my dear sister in law, Kara, was trained in eyelash extentions and they are remarkable! No more mascara! Takes me about 1 minute to put on my makeup! Love them!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

"My Birthday Party Surprise"

A couple weeks ago I told Jack Jack I had a "surprise" for him. I took him to the Serpentarium (Reptile World). It's literally right down the street and I had never been there before but I knew Jack would like it (gators, turtles, snakes, lizards... what's not to like?) and he did!! It's not very big but the animals they have are very cool and we even watched a venom show! What is so funny is that each time we drive past the Serpentarium now Jack will say "Mom! My birthday party surprise right here!!" I only ever called it a surprise - he has taken it a little beyond that (not his birthday, not a party - but definitely a surprise). Such a funny kid!

We did not take the gator home from the Serpentarium but this picture fits in nicely, right? Yes it is a gator in our living room, it spent a couple nights in our bathtub as well but we are currently gator free.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

She did it!!

This cute little Ivy Cup of ours did it folks!! Rolled over for the very first time today! What a gal!