Saturday, July 23, 2011

Working on the Chicken Coop

Daniel took Jack this morning to run some errands and to do a little work on our chicken coop. They both came back red-faced, sweaty and filthy. You might ask yourself, "What is Jack Jack holding?" That would be a baby rat. They found a nest in the chicken coop and wanted to bring the babies home to show me. Jackson was absolutely loving them!! I thought they were pretty sick myself. But Daniel said Jack was an excellent helper!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

The beauty of having a routine at bedtime for your kids is that they don't know the difference between 7:00, 8:00 or 9:00. So when the rain and thunderstorm ended our swim session early this evening I decided we would come home and call it an early night (Daniel is out on Wild Florida business with Ranier scouting out animals). Usually Jack is in bed around 8:30ish - tonight he was in bed before 7:30. I wasn't expecting Ivy to follow suit, but she did!!! So here I am, uploading hundreds of photos and finally blogging a bit!!

Since Jack has been in swim lessons, we usually hit the pool on Saturdays together as a family. Daniel and I are obsessed with watching this kid swim! He's gotten to the point where he will even go down the slide on his own and swim over to the side. It's so fun to watch. This was a little family picture we took before we headed to the pool. Isn't Ivy's bathing suit adorable?

Jack is up to his usual antics, lining up his plates and cups, grouping his cars by colors and just being completely adorable. He just received a bunch of new toys from the Sniders and each day since has been a new adventure (Mr. Potato Head, a race track, an ABC puzzle). We can thank the puzzle for teaching him his ABC's, he knows them all now!

Ahhhh.... and my favorite, sweetest little girl, Ivy. She is so so good. Just precious in every way. I can't believe how much I love her, I could just burst!!!!

She is so happy and smilely when she first wakes up in the morning. I mean, really, really smiley!! And she always has the craziest hair!!

My sweet little spring flower.

This was so funny - the other day she was just sitting in my lap, smiling, being very very pleasant and then moments later, she was asleep!!! I watched her fall right asleep before my eyes!

And here are a couple pictures of the kiddos together. Jack loves giving her kisses and watching me give her a bath. He has adjusted so nicely to the baby (thank goodness!!) and I love, love, love being a mom of two!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Jack Jack asks me every once in awhile if Ivy can nap with him - how do you think that would turn out? I know I haven't been blogging much but that was inevitable with Ivy's arrival, right? I'm lucky if their naps overlap 45 minutes, which means I don't ever get much done - but I don't mind. It gives me some nice 1 on 1 time with my sweet little baby. This little pic will have to do for now.