Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Outings with my Baby Boo

I've been lucky these last couple months to have a couple days where it was just me and my Boo having an adventure. First, I took him to Disney, just the 2 of us. He loved the carousel, really loved Dumbo (no surprise, this kids has a weird obsession with elephants). We enjoyed the peoplemover, Little Mermaid... just walking the park and doing as we pleased. He is such good company and I love having a darling little sidekick. 
 It's hard for me to pass up $3 Tuesdays in September at the Brevard Zoo. It's such a nice litte zoo and Benny hadn't ever been so we made a day of it! He was so cute, moooing at all the animals, making friends with the monkeys and adoring the otters. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

2016 Fall Flag Football

Jackson's flag football season has come and gone. He is really fun to watch. His team went 2 and 4 this year which obviously wasn't the greatest. But what was the greatest was winning the playoffs!! We, orange harmony, the underdogs, the 3rd seed, beat the 2nd seed to advance to the championship game and then beat the undefeated 1st seed!! It was pretty fun to watch. If you ask Jackson, it wasn't his best season. He played on the offesive line and didn't see much action but we hope he sticks with it. In a couple years he'll be the big 9 year old playing with the 8 and 7 years olds and will see more playing time (I hope). 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Field Trippin' with my Kinderbaby

These kindergartners know how to field trip!! We've had 2 this school year so far. The first was to the Crayola Experience and it was a blast! 
Next they were able to go to the Partin Corn Maze which was a lot of fun too!! Love spending the extra time with my baby girl!!
 Gourd face

Friday, November 18, 2016

Checking the Brainwaves.

Also in August Benny went back in to have his 24 hour EEG repeated. The purpose of this test is to see if he is still having abnormal brain activity. If he is (as was the case last year) we continue him on his seizure medication. If it is normal, we can begin weaning him. Well... they came back normal this time!! After 10 weeks of slowly decreasing his meds by 1/2 mL every 2 weeks we are now completely off his medication!! And so far so good!! We've got a lot of people praying for this little Boo and we are grateful for every single one of them on his behalf. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Elder Munns goes to Brazil!!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I am waaaaay behind. Can't believe I only have 1 lonely post for October. And those weren't even pictures from October. I still have pictures from August to post!!! So here it goes...

We sent Elder Jamison Munns off to Brazil on August 22nd. I love the picture of Daniel, Ryan and James when Daniel left for Peru 18 years ago. They recreated it... nailed it. 
We'll try again in 18 years when Benny leaves for his mission.
See you in 2 Elder Munns!!