Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Green Meadows Farm

We enjoyed a wonderful day at Green Meadow Farms... a cute little petting zoo and animal park. It is a fun little place and the kids had a really fun time! My only complaint is that they made you stay with a group and visit each animal pen/exhibit all together so it took a really looong time. I wish we could have just visited each animal at our own pace on our own time. Either way, the kids enjoyed it, as you will see!

We started off on a hay ride! There was absolutely nothing to see on the hay ride so we had to bust out the snacks right away!

Took some time to take a look at their turkeys.
The pony rides were a definite favorite!

Picture time on the tractor!

This was while we were on their little train ride... again, a cute idea, but there was absolutely nothing to see on the ride. Sort of weird.
 They had a little room with all kinds of little boxes filled with rabbits or guinea pigs, lizards and birds. 
Yes, we got to milk a cow!!!
 Taking a water break.
 She knew exactly what to do with these things... such a cute little piggie.
 We had a chance to hold little chicks and ducks. Jackson was a gentle pro.
 This was one big pig!
They had lettuce there to feed these pudgy pigs.
 I think the goats were our favorite. There were so many in this pen and they were so friendly! At one point, Ivy was actually laying on the ground with her head on one of their bellies. It was quite the sight.

 My boy was a natural in the chicken coop. He kept running over with his catch for a picture. Notice the last two are actually ducks. Those were a little trickier to catch because you couldn't run up to them, you had to sneak up to them. But he managed to grab a couple of them!

 My little farm animals and their farmer!

 We ended the day at their playground... it was a success!
 A messy girl!
 Completely tuckered!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Jack Jack!

This little boy just celebrated his 4th birthday! It was such a fun filled birthday weekend and I'm still recovering! He was bright eyed and happy when he woke up in the morning and I love the birthday hat tradition! He enjoyed breakfast in bed (a donut, and in our bed) with little sis before he had to get ready for school. A picture on the way, and a picture in class. We brought cupcakes for the whole class to enjoy. When I picked him up, we came home, had lunch, got ourselves ready, put Ivy down for her nap and left her with April for the evening so we could hit up Disneyworld and ride all the rides we normally can't when Ivy is with us... (Thunder Mountain, Goofy's roller coaster the Barnstormer, Autopia, the rocket, etc...) The stars aligned for us when our passes became de-magnetized because we got fast passes left and right! It was awesome! No lines! Daniel met up with us after work and it was a fabulous evening. We hunted down the only open restaurant with Mac N Cheese for the boys birthday dinner and went until he literally passed out in Daniel's arms (about 10:00). It was a fun day!

Meet Spike!
Spike was Jackson's birthday gift and is the newest member of our family. He is a bearded dragon and loved by all. We surprised Jackson with him on Saturday so it was a little early birthday present.

 We knew we had a busy day at Disney on the boys birthday so we had his birthday dinner (hot dogs, chips and corn on the cob - all at his request - and yes, I let him have a Diet Coke on his birthday) the evening before. 
 Following his birthday dinner was his birthday party! Just family over for dessert but any time the family is over, it's a nice, big, fun ol' time!! He wanted a "hunting" theme and a buck cake and this is what he got. It was a lot of fun and the perfect birthday weekend for my favorite birthday boy.