Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ivy's Birthday & Preschool Program

Pay no matter to the fact that Ivy turned 4 over 2 months ago and I am just now blogging about it. Obviously, I haven't posted in awhile... we've been busy over here! 
After Benny and I got home from California we celebrated this little lass a couple days later! Her birthday was on Sunday and she had breakfast in bed (our bed)... doughnuts... by request! 

 She opened a couple gifts before church after breakfast.
 This sweet miss had her birthday fall on Mother's Day this year so we did some picture taking together. My heart was super full this Mother's Day if you couldn't tell. :) 

We had a nice dinner, my mom joined us, and we enjoyed delicious pie and presents afterwards. 
 My slumbering birthday beauty.  
 You didn't think that was it, did you? We don't have birthday's without parties around here. We had to push her party back a week due to my extended stay in California but the following Saturday we had all our friends and cousins over at Grandma and Godad's pool (along with a really fun bouncehouse/waterslide) to celebrate. Ivy's request.... an Olaf cake and a frozen Pinata! Anything you want baby girl!!
 And the day after the party... A couple beauty shots of this girl!
 The school year went by real quick! All of a sudden it was the last day of school! Here she is, adorable as always. 
 She was the best (and loudest) singer of them all!
 With her teacher, Ms. Stranna
 Ivy, Ms. Stranna and her sweet aide, Ms. Betsy
 And why not throw in this cute picture of the girl with her baby brother!