Monday, June 1, 2015


We vacation in California every summer. I've always insisted we do this so my kids have super fun/fond memories of visiting California every summer to see their Fernley family. This summer, however, we are vacationing in Washington with everyone instead so I thought I'd take a quick trip, just Benny and I, to see my grandparents and other relatives that we would miss while in Washington this summer. (And the rest of the clan, too). Jeff and Hannah drove out from Arizona to see us and I was able to meet my newest niece, baby Shaylee. I didn't take a ton of pictures but here are the few I did take.
Jeff is holding them both... Benny is 4 months younger but slightly bigger :) Cute babies.  
(While I was away, I enjoyed pictures from Daniel of what he and the kids were up to. He took them back to the beach and made sure to show me he was feeding them some fruit)
Made sure to take some pictures with my brothers.
Little Shaylee
GG meets her newest great grandbaby.
While we were in California, little Boo Bear started having seizures (he's so naughty). I first noticed something strange in the middle of the night Saturday night. I woke to him moving a little funny with his eyes open and I wondered if he was having a dream? Or maybe a seizure? It ended quick enough and he went right back to sleep so I figured he was just dreaming. Well, I noticed more strange behavior Monday morning and after 3 consecutive "episodes" of this strange spacing out I took him to Urgent Care. Luckily, they didn't accept my insurance so sent us to the hospital. While we were there had another seizure (confirmed by the doctor) and it was then I had my "out of body experience." Doctors and nurses tending to him, putting him on oxygen, taking blood, starting his IV, transferring us to a pediatric ICU unit in Fountain Valley, the ambulance ride, sirens (oh the sirens), another seizure, a CT, lumbar puncture, EEG. It all happened so quickly. And there I was. In the hospital with my baby. Unsure of what had happened or what was going to happen. But I did  know this (maybe more so now than then, but I do know without a doubt): Our path was directed by the hand of the Lord at every turn. He blessed us amid our trial and is continuing to do so. I know that with complete certainty. This was supposed to happen in California, we were supposed to go to that hospital, we received the exact care we needed from the exact people to provide it, and we came home when we were supposed to. I don't know all the whys. But I do know that this was supposed to be this way.
Of course my phone was dead when we arrived at the hospital. Dara took some pictures for me... don't mind my red puffy eyes...
The absolute cutest babe in a gurney.
The EEG and hospital bed pics.
Still smiling!!
4 nights in the hospital = a lot of selfies!
Pictures from home... Eva, Shanda and my mom took care of the kiddos for me when Daniel worked... swim lessons, shows and frozen yogurt... they were well taken care of!!
Nightly Skype sessions also known as cryfest.
I had many many visitors at the hospital... my brothers, sister in law, cousin, aunt all of whom I am so grateful for and most of who came more than once. But my dad was my most diligent visitor... with me every night, bringing me delicious food, and staying as long as I needed him. I enjoyed the extra time I had with everyone and so did Benny - as you can tell by the smiles. 
And here is the babe, sleeping away in my arms on our flight home.
Since we've been home we've seen our pediatrician and a neurologist. We have a few follow up tests in our near future... another EEG and an MRI. We have kept him on his anti seizure medication (he hasn't had a single seizure once he started that the Monday night that we were admitted in the hospital). Other than the blazened memories of this trip in my mind you'd never know a single thing happened to this cute little guy. He is as happy and easy going as ever. We are so glad and grateful that he is okay. Our sweet little boo bear.