Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Summary

Well here I am, the very last day of the month, and not a single post for the whole month of September. There hasn't been too much going on to report but a few things here and there so I'm going to throw together a September mash-up post and summarize our month all at once!

Ivy started ballet!! There is a legit ballerina in our ward that holds a group called "Barnyard Ballerinas." She does it on the porch at her in-laws and charges $15 a month for a 30 minute ballet lesson once a week. Ivy absolutely loves it! And while she is the cutest ballerina there is, she has some work to do! (see video)
It's gator season! And sure enough Daniel brought Jackson along one night. No worries... he just kept him out until about 4:00am! But the kid was in heaven!! He is still talking about it!
Gotta keep it fair and square!! When dad takes Jackson out for a night of hunting then he sure has to take Ivy out on a date night! Dinner and shopping - Ivy's choice - and these two were the perfect pair.
A bunch of us gals got tickets with our girls to go see Disney's Frozen on Ice. We had a very fun time! My little Elsa would probably tell your her favorite part was the popcorn!
Daniel went hunting for week in Kansas this month and I had the kids all to myself! We went to the hokiest little circus that was in town (seriously pathetic but the kids loved it!).  We also went to the pool on several occasions and had a couple dessert runs but bedtime was always 7:30! And they were, surprisingly, the most well behaved that I've seen them in a looooong time. This big ol' tired pregnant momma needed that!  
  Oh yes! The infamous school picture! Turned out adorable to me!
 Just a little ball python action over at Aunt Heather's one day after school. 
 And my September sickie. Ivy had a pretty high fever for 4 days last week. She was extremely sad she had to miss a day of school because she was going to get her 5th coin (which allows her to go to the treasure box) but after smoothies for lunch and a lot of rest she's back to her spunky self. And we are ready for October!!