Monday, November 8, 2010

Fishing for Family Home Evening

We took a leisure stroll around the pond behind our house for family home evening the other night. We didn't catch any fish but Jack Jack seemed just as excited by the bait as he would have been for a fish.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

This Halloween weekend was so much fun! I can see how as your children get older the holidays become more and more exciting. I don't think Jack really understood what was going on but as long has he had a sucker in his mouth he was happy to trot along with me and hold up his little pumpkin bucket for some candy.
Here is our little tike Halloween morning before church. A handsome fellow with the pumpkins.

Sunday evening before we headed over to Grandma and Godad's for our family party.
The ghoulish deliciousness!
All the cousins in attendance looking spooky!
And trick or treating throughout the house.
These pictures were taken Friday evening before our church's Trunk or Treat
Ready to get some candy!!
As happy as can be with his sucker.
The ride home. I love how there is candy stuck to his chin. This kid has never had so much sugar in his life and it felt good to just let go and let him eat whatever he wanted!