Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Night

We started our trick or treating early so we wouldn't have a late night. About the time we were halfway down our street we ran into our cousins who were gathering for trick or treating hayride style. It was the best treat of the night for our kiddos! We even had a visit from the local firemen who stopped us to give lots of candy! Now the bat and pumpkin are safe and sound in bed and this momma is going to help herself to some Halloween candy!

Halloween Festivities!!!

Tuesday night was our church's Halloween activity... our trunk or treat. It was full of food, dessert, treats, games, hayrides, costume contest, trunk or treating, etc...  
Here are my cutest Halloween classics. I mean, really... I'm dying at how cute they are!!

Dad rescuing her from more pictures!
Crazy pumpkin!!

At the trunk or treat with friends and cousins!

Jackson's preschool had a little costume parade. Luckily, there are plenty stories about bats so this kids was good to go!

For playschool this week we had a Halloween party... complete with pumpkin painting, storytime and games. Our kids are spoiled!! And Ivy refused to put on her pumpkin costume so we made a quick switch to a cat! (She's been doing a lot of that lately! Girls!!)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Carving Pumpkins

We carved pumpkins last night... one of my favorite Halloween traditions. Jackson actually pulled some pumpkins guts out of his pumpkin this year, an improvement from last, although he still had to immediately wash his hand afterwards. He also cut an entire eye out of his pumpkin all on his own! Ivy was just happy to be pantless and eating cupcakes! It was so fun to have my mom join us this year... and every year after we hope! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10 Year Anniversary Trip to Puerto Rico

On October 11th Daniel and I celebrated 10 years. 10 years. That's pretty significant! Where in the heck did 10 years go? We decided to take a trip. A trip away from the kids. This was the first time we left them for more than a night and although we missed them tremendously we had such an amazing, fun, relaxing time without them. And we were really excited to see them again Sunday night!
So let me tell you about our trip! We flew into San Juan and stayed at a resort in Rio Grande which is in the north east vicinity of the island. We rented a car and had an absolute blast! We sought out the best places to eat and made sure we enjoyed as much of the island as we could. 
Some of the highlights...
Night swimming, snorkeling on the beach, Metropal, mofongo, chasing iguanas (they were everywhere!), Don Peppas, kayaking Bio Bay (bioluminescence), driving the rain forest, waterfalls, room service, casitos, wild dogs, crabs crossing the street, Old San Juan, and napping on the beach. And we were sure to document it all with pictures as you will see below! Now the question is... where will we go for #15?