Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Little Baby Cakes Turns 2!

Our adorable little Ivykins turned two yesterday. She is sweet, spunky, and the sassiest little lass around. 
She loves her baba (bottle), her bah (sheep pillow pet), her blankie, and her Minnie. 
She often confuses please with now (chair - now! beach - now! poo (pool) - now!)
She loves watching "dd shows", particularly Toy Story and Nemo, and Micky Mouse. 
She loves being outside - in the pool, at the beach or at the park. 
She loves having her back tickled ("kickle back me!" but then will point to her arm, her leg, her tummy, she loves it all) 
She loves bathtime, she loves chips, waffles, anything dipped in ranch, and Sandy. 
She will steal your heart with her award winning "hi's" and "goodbye's"and her "I love you so much!"
I couldn't imagine life without her, she is my favorite little girl. So glad she's mine.
Our traditional birthday hat picture.
Opening her first present of the day.... her Minnie Mouse shirt.
Playdate with Rita in the morning.

 Perfect birthday pool day!

 Minnie cake and cupcakes for her Minnie party!
With our birthday girl.
 Blowing out those candles.

Opening up her presents!

 My sweet tuckered slumbering girl.