Friday, September 16, 2016

My little Kindergartener

Kindergarten has been more of an adjustment for my little girl than I was expecting. She never looked back when she went to preschool or PreK and I guess I just thought that Kindergarten would be the same. I was mistaken. The second day of school she stepped off the bus and asked if she could play at Lillie's house and when I said no she burst into tears. And then didn't stop crying for the rest of the afternoon and evening until bed. Whoa!! It was one thing or another:

Ivy, "My teacher is mean!" 
Me, "Really, honey? Why is she mean?"
"She's always yelling at me!"
"She yells at you? Why does she yell at you?"
"She's always wanting me to do stuff that I don't want to do and I just want to relax!"
(stifling my laugh) "What does she want you to do?"
"Put my backpack away!!!"
Oh boy.

Apparently centers are better in PreK. And circle time is better in PreK. 

At one point, this was during dinner, she was still crying and Daniel was quickly losing patience with her. She looked over at me and quietly said, "I don't even know why I'm crying now mommy!" She just couldn't get it together. 

This girl!! She is just trying to adjust. Getting used to 5 full days of school can be hard for a sweet little carefree 5 year old!! Luckily, we just finished the 5th week of school and it is going much more smoothly. I'm glad we are her safe place, where she can cry and lose it and feel safe letting it all go.

She has had many days since when she has come home with happy, fun-filled reports and gushing compliments about her teacher (who is kind and loving and would never yell and is the farthest thing from mean). We are looking forward to a great year of Kindergarten!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The First Day of School 2016

Before we knew it, the first day of school was here! Jackson started the second grade with Mrs. Mann and Ivy started kindergarten with Mrs. Moschouris! They were excited and a little nervous for the first day but it went very smoothly!

 Day #2!!
 She's been looking forward to riding the bus for a loooong time!
 And here we are!! Just the two of us, all day everyday!! It's a good life!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Last Stretch of Summer

The rest of our summer was comprised of:
Jackson losing his 7th tooth.
 Movie night!
 A final sleepover.
 Movie day!
 And pool time with Cuzzies. The oldest Munns boy with the youngest Munns boy!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Visit from Grandpa and Mimi!

Between our Keys trip and the beginning of school my dad and Vicky snuck in a quick visit!! We absolutely LOVED having them here! They treated us to the dine-in theater one night with a DQ dessert stop afterwards. We showed them around Wild Florida one of the days and they took Ivy and Jackson on a shopping spree (which they loved of course). But most of the time we just visited, went swimming next door, watched Boo practice his jumps and just really really enjoyed their company! Can't wait for them to come back!! 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Munns Family Reunion 2016 - Florida Keys

We spent just over a week in the Florida Keys in July for a Munns family reunion. It was so so fun! The weather was beautiful, the resort was beautiful, the water was absolutely beautiful, we just had so much fun. Plenty of non-stop cousin time... going from the pool to the beach to the water to the hot tub to the dock to the boat, etc... The only thing I might change was the 7+ hour drive! The kids were perfect angels the entire time, right?

  Our first morning there we ventured out on the boat and after about 20 minutes our little Boo Bear was done. Luckily, we were just a few minutes from the hotel and so Daniel brought us back to enjoy some pool time. 
 This kid is obsessed with fishing and I'm obsessed with him!!
 The view from our room!
 Even the lobby was fun!
The beach area was so dreamy. And the kids loved snorkeling and kayaking in the water as well. 
 We did an afternoon snorkel trip to a nearby reef and this dreamboat baby slept the entire time. 
 Poolside with my favorite. 
 These iguanas were all around our hotel. They provided endless entertainment for the kids.
 Big cuzzie line-up!!
 Popsicles by the pool!
 Nice little family photo with our trips catch. Love Ivy's windblown hair. 
 Beachside festivities each night. 

 Bringing sitters + Adult dinners = Vacation dreams!
 Our last full day there we had the most amazing snorkel trip with Jackson and Ivy. I've never seen water so crystal clear and absolutely beautiful!! We saw some really amazing sea life!
 Our last night, all in our reunion T-shirts. 
 Our final catch!