Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Daniel's First Buck...

Daniel took a trip to Texas in November with a friend of his to hunt deer. He has been talking about shooting a buck since before we were married so I'm glad he was finally able to do it. All I have to say about the matter is... the poor deer!!

Hunter/Fisher Extraordinaire

Look at the size of that catfish! Caught in mom & dad's pond! It's almost as big at Jettie!

Daniel with all of his hog dogs... you can tell which one is the beloved house pet... she doesn't have to be caged!

Daniel loves to take the boys out "hunting." They sit in a tree stand and look for wild animals.

Family Photo

Well this is the best one I've got that has everyone in it! I think it's a pretty darn good-looking family if you ask me! I only wish I was near them more often.

Christmas in California!

Here we are in California! We enjoyed a brief visit with my family in California for the Christmas holidays. My only complaint... we weren't there long enough!

Here is my cheesy-smile-but-oh-so-adorable nephew, Jakers, and cute little Baylee who is, surprisingly, sleeping!

Here is a nice photo of me, my brothers and my dad. I really, really, really miss them and hate living so far away... sniff, sniff...

Me and my dad taking a festive Christmas photo!

Here I am with Baylee (of course...I didn't put her down all night) my cousin Jill, my sister Dara and my beautiful niece Hallee!

Here they are... the couple of the year! Grandma and Grandpa - the cutest lovebirds you'll ever know!

Here are all the great grandbabies - I'll have to admit... my heart just aches looking at this picture, wishing I had one of my own in there.

Here is Sam and girlfriend Skyler (shoot... or is it Skylar? I can't remember!) But we love her!! and you too Sam!

Jeff and Daniel... don't worry Daniel... Jeff is smiling enough for the both of you!

Our Christmas Eve host and hostess! My dear Aunt Sandee and my Uncle Roland.

And here is Jill, Paul and their baby, Kate - another reason I wish we had stayed longer... so we could have seen more of them!

Christmas Day

We spent Christmas Day in Escondido with my mom's side of the family. It was nice seeing them because I just don't get to very often!

This is me and my cousins Rachel and Molly

Here my aunt Sue and Molly are holding Rachel's two kids... Evan and Anthony

Daniel and my uncle Dee

Jeff and my grandma Gerry - she passed on her "Czech Power" apron to me for Christmas and I love it! I think of her everytime I wear it!

Here is my mom and my cousin Wes

Loving Little Baylee

This is my brand new niece, Baylee. She is the sweetest baby I've ever known. I never once heard her cry. I wanted to take her home with me but I don't thing Dara would give this one up!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Par-tay!

Here are pictures from the Munns Christmas party. A wonderful time was had by all! Pictures of our wonderful Christmas in California will be forthcoming!
The Host and Hostess extraordinares!
Here I am with my dear friend Eva and my old college roomie, Amelia! Her and her husband were down for the night from Georgia and partied with us all night long! :)
The Munns girls - we sure have a good time!