Saturday, November 8, 2008


I've enjoyed my Saturday doing nothing but stuff around the house. I've done laundry, dishes, prepared my lesson for tomorrow, practiced the piano and most importantly gave my closet a complete makeover!

I've moved all of my regular clothes off their hangers/off their shelves and up onto my super high shelf and replaced them with maternity clothes.

Did I go on a shopping spree you might ask? No - it's been more like Christmas! Suitcases, plastic tubs and grocery bags full of maternity clothes from friends and sisters. I think I have more maternity clothes than I have regular clothes now and it is WONDERFUL!!! It makes getting fatter and fatter so much easier! (as a side note - I always hated it when I would hear pregnant women complain about being fat because - hello!! - you're not fat - you're pregnant! But now that I am pregnant... I know exactly why they complain. You're just not used to seeing yourself get so big in so many places!! Even if it is because you're growing a baby!)

So this is a shout-out to my sisters Dara, Vanessa, and Erika (Leah, I'm sure some are yours, too, and I even recognize a shirt Kara wore with Austin) and to my dear friend Eva... you guys are AMAZING!!