Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Skin

My old "skin" was giving me a headache. I love blue... but that was a bit much. I wanted to customize a new backdrop but the last time I did it, I lost all of my blog links. Anyone know how to change it without losing information?

Monday, June 16, 2008

N111 Girls Weekend Reunion 2008

N111 is the apartment number we lived in at BYU as college roomies! We had been throwing around the idea of a little girls weekend reunion and it finally happened! I had all the girls stay here with me and it was a BLAST!! We can't wait for the next one and plans are in the making!

Molly, Cristall, me and Amelia

Our weekend activities consisted of going to the pool - the water slide was a hit! - going to the beach, going to the temple, airboating, gatorhunting, snacking, sleeping in, dinner, going to Pleasure Island and Downtown Disney, multiple photo sessions, late nights, music and a whole lot of fun! We took hundreds of pictures... here are just a few!

My First May Visitor

I was so lucky the month of May to have many visitors! The first was my cousin Jill and her baby girl, Kate. It's been over a month since she's been here and she's posted about 30 things since her trip and I'm just now posting her visit... I am a poor blogger! But we had a wonderful time! I'm just trying to make the memory last!

Jill and I have always been very close. We went to high school together and BYU together. I have 3 brothers and no sisters, she has 5 brothers and no sisters and we've always claimed we were the sisters we both never had! Spending the weekend with her I was reminded of just how fun her company is and just how much I miss her! We will have to make visits to one another a regular occurance so we will always remain close!

It was so fun having a baby in the house! Kate didn't take long at all to warm up to me and Daniel. She must have known we were important people in her life!! She was fascinated by the fish in my in-laws fish tank and kept Daniel busy holding her up to see them.

We hope you come back to Florida soon!! And next time bring Paul!! I love you!!