Saturday, December 1, 2007

Jeff meets Florida

I was so lucky 2 weeks ago to have my little brother out to visit me. He recently spent 2 years on his mission and although we saw him when he came home in July it was so nice having him in my home and finally out to see us in Florida!

The first adventure we had was airboating! Unfortunately - my camera's battery was dead and so there was no documentation. But we saw many gators and even ran over a raccoon. We BBQed steaks and had a fire - it was a lot of fun!

The next night we went to the Harmony football game. It was cold and the game wasn't the most exciting, but we enjoyed ourselves and Jeff was able to join in our Friday night tradition of eating Philly Steak sub sandwiches.

Saturday we had breakfast, drove around a bit and lounged at home. Jeff had gator, turtle, and frog legs at dinner that night at the Catfish place - true St. Cloud style!! And we played games over at the Sniders later that night (speaking of gaming - those that know Jeff may want to ask him how our Rummy games went).

Sunday we just went to church and hung out and our last day together, Monday, we spent doing what Jeff does best... hanging up Christmas lights!! We went to several places to find the best deals of course, and then spent the afternoon hanging lights.

The week went by way too fast! I loved having him here and cannot wait for his next visit. Jeff... I loved your company and I miss having you here! You are so fun to be around and I love you!!!

Oh - so any of you that know our pups know that it takes a little while for Cocoa to get used to you. Well... not Jeff!! Cocoa loved him right away! Had no problem jumping on his lap, licking him and he even slept with him!! I think they missed him too when he left. Hurry back!

More pictures from his trip...

We showed Jeff the fine sights of St. Cloud/Kissimmee - the Rodeo grounds
Daniel and Jeff played some pool at the Munns' Hacienda
Harmony Football - so glad Jeff was able to experience our fall Friday nights!
You can't visit Daniel without seeing some hogs!!
We also skateboarded through the neighborhood - it's Daniels and my favorite way to get around these days