Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Festivities

The day I have been waiting for will finally be here in 2 days. It seems like I have been anticipating it for a very long time and in a blink of an eye it will all be over! We've had our hands in few Christmas activities around here and here is a recap.

I almost panicked the other night when I realized we had not gone to see Santa! But then I recalled a night waaaay back in November when we stopped by Bass Pro Shops and they had their Christmas area all set up complete with Santa. There was no line and the kids kept going back to sit on his lap to get more candy canes. Luckily I snapped some pictures! Unfortunately they are total ragamuffins. Ivy's hair isn't even done. Bummer.  
The little town of Harmony was having a "Ho Ho Ho, Snow, Snow, Snow" night. Supposedly 30 tons of fake snow was going to be created and the kids could sled down a little slide and whatnot. We were holding out and using it as a big surprise for the kids. This is what we found when we got there: 
 I was not happy and neither were the kids. Nothing that a little ice cream run to 7-11 and a red box of Monster's University can't fix, though!

We tried our hands at gingerbread houses. The kids look super cute, happy and engaged but it was a rough night with a lot of mess and tears. Maybe next year.  

 Jackson had his little Christmas program at school. Can you see him below? Yeah, that's about all I saw of him, too. A little bummed about that but he's still a darn cute little singer and scarf wearer. 

 After gingerbread houses were a failure we still attempted decorating cookies and this was successful! No walls collapsing or roofs caving in. Much, much better.  

We drove through "Light Up the Wild" at Moss Park. I thought it was okay. The kids seemed to really like it. I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't quite this. Lots of little lighted figures. 
 And the Sunday before Christmas. My most darling children in their Sunday Christmas best!!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas is in the Air....

We started decorating for Christmas a little early this year. I typically wait until after Thanksgiving but it was so late this year I gave in to Jackson's request that we start putting up our Christmas stuff. I kept the fall/Thanksgiving decor in the living room but the family room got its complete make-over. Then on Black Friday I was sure to get the rest up. That Saturday after Thanksgiving we went and got our tree and decorated it and then Monday afternoon I spent putting up our outside lights. We are now good to go! And don't let this picture of our sassafras Ivers fool you. She wouldn't put up a single ornament (just like her daddy). Me and Jackson decorated the whole thing... complete with dancing to Christmas music. Thank goodness for my boy!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

We Love Our Wild Florida

We spent a morning last week at Wild Florida with a friend of mine and her 3 boys. She took her older two on the airboat while we stayed back with her 5 month old. What is nice about Wild Florida is there is always something new to see. This time... the Lemur Exhibit! The kids loved going in and feeding them grapes. Of course, we had to hold a gator... apparently that never gets old. And my kids are pros! The lemur exhibit has plexi glass so there is a reflection in the pictures, sorry!

And little Ivy - found and caught her very own house gecko the other day. She is following in her brother's footsteps! 

Thursday, December 5, 2013


I took the kids to see Disney's movie Frozen the day after Thanksgiving. I needed something fun for us to do on our last day of break and Daniel was working. I decided to brave the 11:00 showing. I knew Jackson would love it and be great. Ivy is a really good show watcher if she's interested in what she's watching. When we took her to see Monster's University she got a little antsy and so I was a little nervous having them both on my own. I packed my purse full of popcorn, snacks and drinks, let them have their blankies with them and even brought Ivy's bottle (that was clutch). It was so fun and the movie was so so good! They were perfect movie watching companions... wonder what we can see next Friday.... :) 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Jackson's Harvest Program

Jackson had his class "Harvest" Program last month and it was the most adorable thing I've ever seen. I don't have many pictures because I was taking video most of the time. 
I came in a few times prior to the program to teach the kids a little autumn song in sign language. The 5 of them that actually signed it were so cute. Jackson not only didn't sign... he didn't even sing it - the little rascal. He did sing all of the other songs, though, is it possible he is rebelling against me already?
Anyhow, love my little turkey. (5th from the left... hands in the face... and it was the best pic I got).

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I can't believe I have only 1 lousy post for November. That is no good! I really try and post at least 3 times a month. Maybe I can make up for it in December. I will try.

Thanksgiving day was very nice. We were originally going to have Thanksgiving dinner at our house but since my mom had to fly out to California to be with my grandma Gerry (who just had surgery on her broken hip) I knew I didn't want to cook everything for just us. So we joined Collin and Christine who were having dinner at their house with some of Christine's family. We did cook the turkey and made the mashed potatoes and gravy so I felt we were significant contributors!! Her are a few pictures from the day. I never snagged a family picture, unfortunately, but the kids smiled for me, sort of. 
 Here is the kids table!
 The Thanksgiving spread with people you don't know (except Daniel)
 I got to snuggle this sweet boy most of the night. My little nephew Maverick is not even 2 months and has given me baby fever. Like bad. 
 But with kids as cute as these... who wouldn't want another one??

 Yep... that's my pathetic Thanksgiving post. 

On a thanksgiving kind of note... I do want to say that I have so much to be thankful for. We really are a blessed family in so many ways. Blessed to be parents, blessed with 2 sweet kids. A large and wonderful extended family... near and far. A beautiful home, with comfy beds, food in the fridge and lots of luxuries we take for granted. We have good health, friends, and the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. We are lucky and happy and grateful :)  

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

Get ready to do some scrolling! We had our family pictures taken at the beginning of the month and I absolutely am IN LOVE with them! It was hard for me to just choose a few to post so I picked most of them. However - I am using my favorite for our Christmas card so I'll let that one be a surprise. Eva really did a fantastic job this year and I couldn't be happier!