Friday, June 16, 2017

Our Sweet Sandy

We lost our sweet Sandy girl in March. St. Patrick's Day to be exact. Her health had been slowly declining... she had lost a lot of weight and had started coughing a lot and breathing in her belly. The vet ruled out as much as she could with various blood tests and did say her heart wasn't sounding right (and her breathing was definitely not normal) and rather than doing more costly testing (she was about 14 years old) we decided to treat her symptoms and just to enjoy her as long as we could! 
When she got to a point that we felt she was suffering we let her go to doggie heaven. She certainly was a heavenly pet and we loved her and miss her!!! We spent our last few days with her giving her lots of love, taking lots of pictures, covering her with our beloved blankies and enjoying the good, sweet, loyal dog that she was. We had a little service for her... the kids made her cards that they left with her and we each said what we loved about her and buried her near Pico and Cocoa. 
We'll see you again in heaven someday Sir-Sandernights!! 

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